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Category “Dental phobia”

Dental Phobia, Tips and Techniques from a Dentist in the City of London

Dental phobia is incredibly common, 1 in 4 people in the City of London suffer from some form of the phobia. The condition is characterised by a refusal to make or meet dental appointments, an uncontrollable anxiety at the thought of attending the dentist and anxiety upon exposure to the typical sounds and smells of a dental practice.

Luckily, more and more dentists are becoming more understanding and aware of their patients phobia. They are trained in how to give a kind and compassionate service in order to set their patients at ease and encourage them to return for further treatment or check-ups. In addition, advances in dental technology means that you have less to fear from a visit to the dentist than ever before. Even local anaesthetic can now be delivered in the form of ‘the dental wand’, a computerised injection system, this means that needles and pain are no longer involved in any stage of surgery.

If you are still nervous about attending an appointment with your dentist, follow these simple tips in order to feel more at ease and overcome your phobia. Firstly, if you pick an appointment in the morning, you will have less time to stress about the check-up and less time to make your excuses as to why you should not go. If you get your first appointment over and done with, you will soon see there is nothing to fear from a simple visit. If you are worried about any treatment or surgery you may need, organise an appointment with your dentist for a simple consultation. They can walk you through the stages of any treatment, reassuring you about the safety of each step, and you can even arrange to have a ‘stop signal’, a sign you may use to let them know you need a break. Finally, if you are still nervous, take a friend of family member with you to the appointment, no dentist will mind and it may just make you feel more at ease.

Looking for Hypnosis and Dentistry in London

Hypnosis is generally considered to be a state of consciousness defined by enhanced suggestibility. While proper scientific study of hypnosis is still in relatively early days, the results have been promising, and indicate that hypnosis is effective, alongside more traditional methods of anaesthetic, in reducing the pain and stress of difficult dental surgery.

When an individual is under hypnosis, many people refer to this state as a ‘trance’. They lack an acute awareness of the outside world, and have their attention focused on a fixed thing. This trance state has many beneficial uses in dentistry.

It can be used to control a strong gag reflex – some patients will find having dental surgery very difficult due to an involuntary reflex triggered the invasive nature of the work. Hypnosis can distract the mind and prevent this from happening. Hypnosis has also proved successful in treating various ‘bad habits’ associated with oral health, including teeth-grinding.

It’s natural to be wary of hypnotism, given its mysterious nature – even experts don’t completely understand how it comes to be so effective. However, if your dentist is qualified in practicing hypnosis, or employs a qualified professional, you can be assured that the technique is completely safe.

Individuals who have suffered severe trauma in the past may want to avoid hypnosis, and contrary to what many people think, it isn’t always advisable to use on those with a dental phobia. However, this will vary between individual cases. If you think your oral health might benefit from hypnosis, speak to your London dentist for further advice.

Dentist in Central London Offers Helpful Advice for Patients With Dental Anxieties

If you have never personally had a bad experience at the dentist, but are still afraid to go, you may be suffering from what is called dental anxieties. Unlike dental phobias, dental anxieties are aggravated by second hand stories or an unrelated trauma from a patient’s childhood. Dental anxieties are rooted in complex psychological factors but can be generally surmised as the fear of the unknown. If you are suffering from dental anxieties, rest assured that you are not alone. Being nervous about visiting the dentist is perfectly normal and a common anxiety. However, if your dental anxieties are unfortunately keeping you from seeking necessary medical attention from the dentist, your dental anxieties are getting in the way of your oral health and could lead to severe complications. If you are avoiding getting the dental care that you desperately need for dental diseases, please let us help you overcome your fear and get the dental care you desperately need. The only way to overcome your dental anxieties is to face your fear head on by speaking to us at our Central London offices. Start by phoning in and we can have a good chat about what exactly you are concerned about. We can help you put your mind at ease. Then, we can discuss setting an appointment for you to visit us where you will be in good hands.

Concerned Dentist in City of London Advises Patients Suffering from Dental Phobias

There is nothing unusual about someone being afraid to visit the dentist. Do not be ashamed of this common fear. But, if your fear of the dentist is so severe and irrational that your wild fears of the dentist are keeping you from receiving the important dental care you need to maintain your oral health, you may be suffering from a condition known as dental phobias. Dental phobias get in the way of patients having good oral health because irrational fears of dental visits prevent the patients from getting the care that their teeth desperately need. If your dental phobias are keeping you away from the dentist even as you are experiencing serious problems such as tooth ache, infection, or other dental emergencies, please do seek help straight away. We are here to be supportive of your needs and we want to work with you to provide you with a safe environment at our offices in the City of London. Your dentist is here to serve you, so please let us know what we can do to put you at ease. Speaking to the dentist about your specific fears can help patients face dental visits with more confidence. In extreme cases, sedatives are an option to consider. The sooner you overcome your dental phobias and let your dentist treat your dental problems, the easier and less treatments will be.

Scared of Dental Check Ups? Your Dentist in London Wants to Help You!

Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past or have never been to the dentist at all because of your dental phobia. If you are frightened of visiting the dentist, please consider a friendly chat with your London dentist and let us discuss your concerns with you. Rest assured, you are not alone in your apprehension about dental check ups. We help anxious patients of all ages deal with their fears on a regular basis and we are more than happy to communicate with you about how we can make your visits to our practice a more enjoyable experience.We are here to help you and want to make sure that your teeth are being cared for. We want to provide you with the best service possible. If you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you, please do let us know. With dental phobia, it helps to identify what your specific fears are. If you share these with your dentist, your worries can be addressed straight away. You as our patient have the right to demand nothing less than excellent service that makes you feel comfortable and confident. If your teeth are suffering as a result of your dental phobia, please let us help you overcome your fears. Your oral health is important to us and we can help you if you only reach out to us.

Dentists in London warn of the dangers of allowing dental phobia to take over

Preventive dentistry is the belief that it is better to prevent harmful dental ailments before they get to a point where treatment is required. As an example, it is obvious that most patients would be far happier tightening up their oral health routine at home to stop gum disease than to have to replace a lost tooth because gum disease has reached its advanced stages. But in order to achieve this preventive dentistry you have to be in the habit of going to see your dentist on a regular basis.

For most people this is not a problem, it is just something that they do every six months or so when they receive a reminder to make an appointment. Some people, however, have a great deal of difficulty when it comes to going to the dentist because they are suffering from what is known as dental phobia. No two cases of dental phobia are quite the same in terms of the causes of manifestations but essentially dental phobia amounts to a fear of going to the dentist.

Common causes include childhood memories that are unpleasant and have not been overcome. Some people are simply terrified of injections, needles and dental implements like the dental drill. For others still, they are queasy about somebody else poking around inside their mouth. Other types of dental phobia can be caused by quite different things such as a feeling that the dentist is not sympathetic to a patient’s needs.

Overcoming these feelings can be difficult but you could do worse than make an appointment with your dentist in London so that you can have an informal chat about things. They will tell you about how dental surgeries are generally friendly, welcoming places.

Central London dentists help patients overcome their dental phobia

We all know how important it is to go and see your dentist every six months, so that your mouth is thoroughly checked over by a trained professional. Allowing this to happen ensures that any potentially nasty conditions which might develop in your mouth can be diagnosed and dealt with before they get much worse. But the fact is that many people in the United Kingdom find themselves avoiding going to the dentist because they feel anxious about it.

Dental phobia encompasses a fairly broad range of problems, with patients feeling nervous about going to the dental surgery. It might be a case of experiencing anxiety about the procedures which you think will take place at the surgery. Perhaps this stems from an unpleasant childhood experience or a fear of needles.

Some people avoid going to the dentist because of a personality clash at the surgery in the past. It can be extremely disconcerting to feel that those at the surgery are not sympathetic to your needs and you might find that you simply don’t want to go back. Perhaps you have not had appointment at the dentist in a while, are embarrassed about the state of your teeth and consequently worried that your dentist will judge you as a result.

It is vital that you overcome these problems. You will probably find that dental practice has changed significantly from the draconian practices you remember. Pain-free gels make many procedures far less uncomfortable than they used to be and modern technologies mean that they are usually accomplished with far greater speed. Dentists are now extremely concerned with relaxing their patients and if you feel that yours is not then you should find another one. Make an appointment with your Central London dentist to have an informal chat if you are worried about dental phobia.

Fighting Dental Phobias in Central London

If you are suffering in central London from the hot sweats and start shaking from the sound of the word dentist, it’s reasonable to assume that you are suffering from dental phobia and it’s not a funny situation to be in either. This problem can cause all manner of traumas in the rest of your life too. If it’s stopping you going to the dentist for even a check-up, this can lead to complications not only in the mouth, but can affect your overall health- and it can affect you mentally. If your teeth start to suffer visually because of your phobia, you may find yourself backing out of conversations and hiding your teeth, making you more introverted. The reasons behind the phobia can be complex. Maybe it stems from childhood experiences (were you bullied- is that how you see a dentist?), what you think might happen at the dentist, a fear of needles, past traumatic dental experiences, or what you’ve seen happen to others. Point is, it needs to be addressed. Many dentists understand this problem so talking to your dentist can allow you to express your fears, so that they know the best way forward. It’s important that you take charge of any treatments too. Having knowledge of what the treatments involve, anaesthetics and sedation techniques can put you in the driving seat and also allow the dentist to administer treatment efficiently.

Dental phobia overcome thanks to Central London dentists

Many people feel nervous about making an appointment to see their dentist even though they know how important it is. Dentists are trained professionals who examine your mouth for signs of disease and decay and it is vital that you keep the habit of visiting them every six months or immediately if you think you have a problem. If you feel apprehensive about such a visit, you should be aware that dental practices have changed an awful lot in recent years.

Unpleasant memories of childhood visits to the dentist or even a fear of needles can both be causes of dental phobia and it is hard to overcome these ingrained memories and fears which might have been with you for many years. If this has stopped you from making an appointment for some time then you might feel embarrassed about the state that your teeth are now in, making it even more difficult for you to make that appointment.

Sometimes people avoid the dentist because of a personal disagreement with their dentist in the past. You might feel that your dentist was not sympathetic towards your needs. Such personality issues can make it extremely awkward to visit the dentist again. This might be made worse by the negative portrayals of dentists and their practice which you can find in the media or from friends and colleagues.

If any of these feelings are familiar to you and you have been avoiding going to the dentist it is important to remember that dentists these days are extremely concerned with making their patients feel relaxed. DVDs are used, as is soothing music and pain free gel can help make injections less uncomfortable. There are plenty of dentists available and you should do your best to find one who is sympathetic and with whom you can get along. Contact your Central London dentist today if you are worried about dental phobia

Dental anxiety overcome thanks to Central London dentists

Many people in Britain feel incredibly nervous about the visits to the dentist which they know are so vital. Making an appointment and then attending can be incredibly daunting if you suffer from dental anxiety but it is crucial that you get your mouth regularly checked by a professional. If you do not you could make any problems you have far worse. Dentists today are extremely concerned with making patients feel at ease and the experience does not have to be as stressful as you might think.

The memories of a painful procedure from childhood can make you very nervous about visiting the dentist again. Fear of needles can have the same effect. Maybe you had a disagreement in the past with a member of staff at the surgery or felt that your dentist was not sympathetic to your needs. All these things can put you off making an appointment in case the same thing happens again. These feelings of anxiety can be heightened by negative portrayals of dentists and dentistry in the media or from friends and colleagues. Suddenly you might find that it has been many years since you have visited your Central London dentist.

If this is the case you are likely to find that dentistry has changed a lot in recent years. DVDs and soothing music are in widespread use to comfort and relax patients as they undergo treatment or examination. Injections can be made a lot more comfortable with the use of pain-free gels. If the issue was of a personal nature the best advice is to seek a different dentist. There are many out there and it is important that you find one with whom you can get along with and is sympathetic to your needs.

Problems with your mouth can be made worse by extended periods without seeing your dentist so contact your surgery today, make an appointment and see for yourself how much dental practice has changed.

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