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Category “Dental Technology”

Getting a Digital X-ray in Central London

If you are of a certain age, cast your mind back to your dentist’s surgery when you were growing up in central London and try to remember what it was like when you had an x-ray: for a start, you may have had to go somewhere that had an x-ray machine in those days. Then it would take a couple of weeks to have them processed and posted back to your dentist. When you went to get the results, the dentist would disappear into a room at the back of the surgery and walk among a library of x-rays to find yours and then finally, you could be diagnosed and treated. So how wonderful it is then that the digital x-ray has come along and finally stopped all of this time wasting. It really is a dentist’s and patient’s dream. Though the process of having an x-ray appears the same, that’s where the comparison stops. Digital uses up to 90% less radiation when taking an image and once it has been taken, it’s on a computer screen seconds later. This fast-tracking means that your dentist can make an instant diagnosis and get to work on you straight away. If your problems require specialist treatment, your dentist can e-mail your images to a specialist and have an on-line consultation. The storing of your x-rays can now be put on the computer system and accessed at the touch of a button meaning that the dentist’s surgery is now virtually paper free compared to the days of your youth.

Bleaching with Lasers in the City of London

There is no doubt that cosmetic dentistry is enjoying the best period of its life right now in the city of London; partly down to the fact that certain TV programmes have highlighted the joys of having a good oral makeover, but also because in every strain of the media, from magazines to television, you are presented with characters who have fantastic looking teeth. However, there is no reason why you couldn’t look as good as these people because for around a £100, you can get your teeth laser bleached in an hour. Once your teeth pass the gum disease test, then all you have to do is sit down in the dentist’s chair. Your gums, tongue and lips will be covered up and then your jaws locked open. Now your dentist can coat your teeth with a bleaching agent before firing the laser- this process will take around 20 minutes: this process will then be repeated a couple of more times. The amount of bleach applied each time will decide just how white you want your teeth to go, but at the end of this quick treatment, the results will be remarkable and you will no longer covert the people that you see on a screen, you will look just as fabulous.


The benefits of LANAP in Central London

There is always going to be a fight against gum disease in central London and your dentist will always do what is necessary to try to eradicate the problem. The thing about gum disease is though that is so destructive: it can cause failure in the body’s most vital organs, let alone lead to the demise of the jaw bone which can lead to some heavy surgery to put right involving tissue and bone grafting. However, the world of dentistry has been blessed with the laser and this has taken all dental treatments to a different dimensions and LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure) is just one of the variants on the theme. This treatment gets up close and personal with your teeth below the gum-line and can delicately remove any infection to the tooth’s roots and then help to promote the re-growth to the infected area. It can help to improve the density of the damaged bone in the gum pocket and stimulate the new life into the damaged areas, which can only be a blessing, because it can turn around the fortunes of something potentially disastrous in your mouth.

Bonding with the City of London

If you are considering any form of a cosmetic quick fix at all to get your teeth into shape in the city of London, you may well be wise to have a look at cosmetic bonding first. For a start it works out cheaper than most other treatments of this nature and can have you grinning in next to no time. If you feel that your smile is being impeded by some discolouration, gaps or cracks, and you require immediate treatment, then this is definitely the remedy you have been looking for. It involves a simple process of building up layers of colour coded resin on the surface of your teeth, each of which is ‘sealed’ with a heat light. When the dentist is happy that all of the problems have been covered up, then it’s time to go to work and start to sculpture the teeth. Once the teeth look perfect in relation to the rest of your mouth, they are polished; the whole treatment will take about an hour to do- great if you’re on the go. Though resin is more susceptible to staining, it is flexible because if it goes wrong at any point, you simply pop back to see the dentist and have your teeth touched-up…A quick fix for a quick city!

The Lavish Laser and your teeth in London

There is no getting away from the fact that one of the biggest breakthroughs in dentistry has come with the laser and the biggest relief has come to patients- no more drilling. The laser is rapidly becoming popular in most dental surgeries in London because it offers pain-free treatments. The drill could do the job, but the vibration caused could do further damage to the surrounding areas; the laser simply burns its way through a problem.

In some cases where nerves are in play, an injection may still be used for extra protection against pain. Lasers are taking over from the drill- they can do fillings and root canal treatments for they are so precise at removing decay. However, they have other strings to their bow; because of a lasers precision, they are used in the placement of dental implants because they do so little damage, hence, improving post-op healing. Lasers are also used in the contouring of gums; again, because there is no cutting involved from a scalpel, the gums have a reduced trauma and heal so much faster.

But probably, the most popular use of the laser is in tooth whitening. This has become the ‘must have’ treatment to put the smile back on your face. Your teeth are covered in the bleaching gel and the laser simply zaps them white. Maybe in the future, something else will come along, but right now, the laser is the foreseeable future.



It may not be Sci-Fi, but Laser Dentistry in Central London is Something to Marvel at

Laser dentistry is used for a broad spectrum of medical, dental and cosmetic treatments throughout the world. Dentists in Central London provide laser technology techniques in dental procedures to correct a range of dental and cosmetic dentistry conditions.

Laser Dentistry Treatments

Nowadays innovative laser technology and expertise are used by Central London dentists to: detect tooth decaying agents and cavities; eliminate infection-causing oral bacteria; treat mouth sores and tooth sensitivity; perform dental fillings and tooth restorations such as crowns; reshape gum tissue; remove oral tumours; reduce jaw joint pain; and attach oral or tongue muscle.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments in Central London using laser technology include: gum contouring to correct a gummy smile; teeth whitening to speed up the bleaching process; Cerec restorations for faster ceramic curing; smile makeovers for a celebrity-like smile; and denture-fitting by removing uncomfortable gum tissue folds.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

The benefits of laser technology are vast, such as reducing the need for invasive surgery and sutures, minimizing pain during treatment and speeding up recovery time. Many laser dentistry procedures do not need the administration of anaesthesia, as patients feel comfortable without it during treatment.

Laser dentistry offers greater precision because laser energy may be focused on specific treatment sites reducing the risk of bleeding and damage to nearby oral tissues. The likelihood of oral tissue inflammation and infection is also lowered, as laser dentistry treatment aids in blood-clotting, tissue regeneration and wound healing.

Laser Dentistry Increases Patient Confidence

Laser dentistry gives patients confidence in dental treatment and is popular in Central London and other parts of the world. Patients feel more at ease as traditional tooth drilling is not required. Laser dentistry techniques reduce patient fears about dental treatment so that they may experience the benefits of improved oral health for a beautiful-looking smile.

Modern Choices in Dentistry in Central London

One of the greatest things about modern dentistry in central London today is the amount of choice available to us, the patients. Dentistry has gone through an almighty change over the past 20 years- computers and lasers for example, have helped to change the way dentists carry out the most basic of procedures to keep our teeth healthy.

Any signs of tooth decay and gum disease can be diagnosed instantly with digital x-rays so that the problems can be checked as soon as they are detected.  Lasers reduce the amount of stress applied to the teeth and gums during procedures, meaning that healing times have become reduced, and the pain of treatments, virtually removed.But it’s with the development of such refined techniques to carry out dental work, that has carried through  to all areas of dentistry- particularly in the field of cosmetics.

Aligners from the USA have changed the way we think of braces  completely, working faster and more discreetly than ever before. Home bleaching kits and laser whitening have made it easier to get a healthy looking smile, along with tried and tested methods such as veneers and dental bonding.

But probably the greatest leap forward in dentistry has come in tooth replacement. Dental implants used to be an elite procedure which could take up to 6 months to complete. But the computer and the laser have meant that this treatment can be carried out in a day in some cases, helping to replace teeth and give support to crowns, bridges and dentures.

Dental products too have changed the way we look after our mouths, giving us better protection against all the problems that ruin our teeth and gums.

Find out how digital x-rays used by dentists in Central London speed up dentistry

Having work done at the dentist’s surgery used to generally be a time consuming business but things have changed in terms of the technology that is on offer to dentists. Work is able to be carried out with greater speed, meaning that patients need to take less time off work or away from their families. The new technology does not necessarily mean increases in cost and sometimes patients even have to pay slightly less for treatment.

At the heart of these improvements is the use of digital x-rays. Instead of having to rely on traditional x-rays, the digital version of x-rays is much quicker. Traditional x-rays would have to be sent off and developed in a specialist lab before any observations could actually be made. What’s more, repeated x-rays would often have to be taken in order to get different views on the same tooth. This is because traditional x-rays only yield two dimensional ‘flat’ images.

Digital x-rays are different in several substantial ways. Instead of having to be sent off to labs to be developed, dentists in Central London can view the data from digital x-rays there and then the surgery. The images are also in three dimensions, allowing dentists to navigate around every angle of the image. No repeated x-rays are required and this speeds up the whole process.

When this digital data is combined with computer technology, the results are even better. When fitting patients with, for example, porcelain dental veneers or porcelain dental crowns to cover up broken or stained teeth, dentists can send the digital x-ray to a milling machine which makes the crown or veneer in less than ten minutes flat.

Dentistry is changing at Central London dentists: find out how with CEREC

Any increase in the speed with which something can be carried out is a good thing as long as the work retains its quality. The increases in speed attached to modern dentistry are just the ticket because it means that patients need to spend less time at the dentist but are still subject to the same levels of quality they have grown to expect. This is all down to the CEREC techniques which are now widespread in dental surgeries.

CEREC is the process whereby dental practices have been effectively digitised and dentists are able to do their work with greater speed as a result. Instead of using traditional x-rays that need to be developed in a lab, digital x-rays can be carried out with great speed. Traditional x-rays would frequently need to be done repeatedly if dentists were to gain different view points on one part of the mouth. Digital x-rays are in three dimensions.

This digital data can then be combined with online technology to achieve stunning results. Dentists increasingly have milling machines in the surgery which are run via the internet. These machines can use data from digital x-rays to make a brand new porcelain dental veneer or porcelain dental crown in less than ten minutes.

All of which makes dentistry far more convenient for patients and lessens the need to take lots of time off work to have a bit of dental work done. The costs don’t necessarily increase because, for instance, lab fees for the traditional x-ray are eliminated and the labour costs of dental staff are reduced. All in all, this is a win-win situation for patients and the dentists alike.

London dentists offer painless dental procedures with Waterlase

The thought of a painful dental procedure is enough to put people off getting that work done in their mouth that know they ought to get done. For some, even the sound of a dental drill fills them with fear and they would rather not visit the dentists’ at all. But if work is needed then you should have it done so that the problem doesn’t get any worse than it already is. Thankfully, a revolutionary new technique is being widely utilised by dentists and it ought to allay many of peoples’ fears about dental procedures.

The Waterlase technique is like a dream come true for those who don’t like dental drills. It uses the power of targeted jets of water instead of the drill. Many of the same problems can be dealt with but in a way that is so much more comfortable than before. Cavity, protection, caries removal and some gum procedures can all now be carried out with Waterlase.

What patients who have experiences Waterlase say is that there are no more unpleasant vibrations and the unfortunate tendency of drills to overheat is a thing of the past with Waterlase procedures. The cold water that is used in the technique is far more comfortable for the patient.

But Waterlase is not only water, it actually harnesses the power of lasers too. This makes it far more efficient than many traditional methods, allowing dentists to target the exact spot requiring treatment with incredible accuracy.

If you require work done on a cavity or some small caries that have developed, but are anxious about treatment using a drill, then you should talk to your London dentist about the amazing results that can be gained from using Waterlase.

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