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Getting your teeth up to scratch with your Dentist in Central London

Modern oral hygiene products are incredibly affective these days and getting better to the point where one day, we may never need to visit a central London dentist again…one day. In the meantime, our dentists are a fantastic back up to our misgivings if something goes wrong, which is why regular visits should be seen as a luxury, rather than a chore. How many of us can honestly say we really know what we’re doing when we clean our teeth, getting into the places that we need to? That’s why we have dentists, because they do! To stop the evils that can affect the mouth in the long run, things like plaque and tartar that need to be checked first, and a dentist can do this effectively with a scale and polish. With more modern technology, a modern dentist can de-scale your teeth in many ways. Traditionally they would scrape the teeth, now they can air blast or aluminum blast the plaque away from the teeth. Lasers or ultra-sound are used too- this is down to the preference of your dentist and also what is best for your teeth. Naturally, this is followed by a polish to ensure your teeth are smooth enough to treat again, should the problem re-occur.

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