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The Perils Of Ignoring A Tooth Abscess In The City Of London

Generally, anything that starts to go wrong with your mouth in the city of London is a potential time bomb if it isn’t treated: one bad thing can lead to an awful thing later on. Take tooth decay for example: it starts with plaque that chips away at the teeth’s enamel causing cavities to form. Then they break into the tooth and infect the pulp and the roots; this in turn infects the flesh below and then BANG, a tooth abscess blows up. Now though you should have got yourself treated at each of these stages, you didn’t, which is why you are now juggling with an abscess, but ignore this at your peril…to be fair, you probably wouldn’t be able to though: your face will balloon up and the pain will be intolerable, but in some instances, people reach for painkillers and the problem may die down, but if you leave it for too long, you could die down as well. An abscess can become life threatening because it leaks venomous toxins into the bloodstream that are carried all around the body and the most vulnerable organ to these poisons is the brain: in rare cases, the brain becomes comatose and just switches off completely. As soon as the abscess erupts, get antibiotics from somewhere, doesn’t matter where and then pump yourself full of them; this is the only way to attack the damage the abscess is doing to you. It will halt the poison, calm your face down and only then can you take the next course of action with your dentist to prevent it happening again.

The dangers of the Dental Abscess in the City of London

The good thing about living in a wonderful metropolis such as the city of London, you are close to a hospital or dentists if something goes wrong with you and in serious cases, you can get treatment quickly, and when it comes to the situation of a dental abscess, you’re going to need it too, as this can become very dangerous very quickly. When a tooth succumbs to decay, it starts to attack the surface and before long, it will eat into the inside of the tooth and infect the pulp and roots. This is the time that your mouth is vulnerable to an abscess breaking out as the gum becomes infected around the root and you’ll soon know about as well as the pain is rapid and unforgiving; along with this, your face will swell badly. During this, poisonous toxins will be leaked into the bloodstream and this is where the problem can become life threatening. The only way to overcome this is to ride it out with a dose of antibiotics until the swelling starts to ebb away and then your dentist can get to work on repairing you. Once an abscess has made one eruption though, there is a strong chance of it returning and in all honesty, the only way you can be truly be sure that it doesn’t happen again is to remove the tooth completely- harsh yes, but you won’t want to go through this again.


London dentist fights toothache and dental abscess

When your teeth or gums become infected it can be a very uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. Bacterial infection takes hold in teeth and gums that are suffering from decay. When the tough enamel is penetrated by dental decay it exposes the sensitive cavity at the centre of the tooth, where the nerve is located. This can then become infected leading to toothache and dental abscesses.

When a tooth is infected in its root, the bacterial infection irritates the extremely sensitive dental nerve causing toothache. When the body fights back it produces excess white blood cells to kill off the infection. These can sometimes build up in tissue around the infected tooth causing a small abscess. This can be very painful and can be prone to bursting which can easily spread the infection.

Toothache and abscesses can both be prevented with increased cleaning far before it gets to this stage. Effective cleaning removes plaque, one of the main causes of tooth decay, this means that enamel is kept strong and healthy and infections cannot penetrate to the centre of the tooth. If the infection has taken hold it is essential that you visit a London dentist as soon as possible. A dentist can remove the infection, possibly using a root canal treatment, before filling the cavity and sealing it with a dental crown. Dentists are also trained to remove abscesses without spreading the infection to other areas of the mouth. It is important to remove any infected matter as it can cause tooth loss and has strong links to heart disease and even strokes.

Prevent dental abscesses with appointment at City of London dentist

Dental decay can be very damaging to the health of your teeth. It can be the cause of tremendous pain due to the exposure of the dental nerve to extremes of hot and cold and other stimuli. Once decay has penetrated the protective enamel layer this also exposes the softer central part of the tooth to bacteria and the possibility of infection. Should infection take hold in the central cavity the body will produce excess white blood cells to combat it. These white blood cells battle the infected material and eventually produce an unpleasant and nasty smelling substance called pus.

This pus can build up in pockets in the gum and around the tooth causing isolated swellings called abscesses. These areas can be very sensitive and can make even the simplest everyday activity such as talking and eating extremely difficult or even impossible. Furthermore, it is possible for the abscesses to swell to such a point that they become unstable. In these circumstances even a small knock can cause the abscess to burst. Not only will this be extremely unpleasant but it can also lead to a very dangerous infection spreading around the mouth and into the bloodstream. Recent studies have proved a link between dental infection and heart disease, and even strokes so it is important to prevent any dental infection entering the blood stream.

Visiting a City of London dentist every six months can help prevent dental decay reaching a point where it breeches the enamel and prevent infections and abscesses before they have time to start. If you think you have may have a dental abscess it is important to make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible to prevent the spread of infection to other teeth. Treatment may involve anti-biotics and even tissue removal in extreme circumstances but the earlier the infection or abscess is treated the less severe the treatment will need to be.

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