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Bleaching with Lasers in the City of London

There is no doubt that cosmetic dentistry is enjoying the best period of its life right now in the city of London; partly down to the fact that certain TV programmes have highlighted the joys of having a good oral makeover, but also because in every strain of the media, from magazines to television, you are presented with characters who have fantastic looking teeth. However, there is no reason why you couldn’t look as good as these people because for around a £100, you can get your teeth laser bleached in an hour. Once your teeth pass the gum disease test, then all you have to do is sit down in the dentist’s chair. Your gums, tongue and lips will be covered up and then your jaws locked open. Now your dentist can coat your teeth with a bleaching agent before firing the laser- this process will take around 20 minutes: this process will then be repeated a couple of more times. The amount of bleach applied each time will decide just how white you want your teeth to go, but at the end of this quick treatment, the results will be remarkable and you will no longer covert the people that you see on a screen, you will look just as fabulous.


Lasers in Dentistry Overtaking the Traditional Methods in London

Dental lasers are taking over the traditional means of dentistry. Drills, gougers are being replaced by painless measures like lasers. They do not cause any sort of discomfort to the patients. Many people are undergoing these treatments in London. They are employed to shape up the gums and whiten up your discoloured teeth. The painless ray is very effective and does not cause any harm. The process of filling and route canalling has also been given a new look and dimension.
Now, you need not withstand the pain of injections and needles for delivering anaesthesia. The mechanism behind the process is stirring of water molecules. It leads to explosions at a microscopic level. The area gets vaporised and acts like a knife for cavities and gums. The eyes are covered by protective glasses because the stray light can damage your eyes and your mouth is filled with cotton swabs. Anaesthetic cream is applied in the mouth and laser is used to treat the desired area.
The process is very costly and time consuming too. The technology has faced many drawbacks since the day of launch. So, it’s always better to carry out under the guidance of a proper dentist. Maintain a good oral hygiene and stop the consumption of tobacco or caffeine containing products. The machines are costly too when compared with that of the traditional drills. The performance and functions of such lasers are increasing day by day. With the advent of new technologies, in few years, you will surely come across cost effective lasers too.

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