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Get the facts about the benefits of dentures from London dentists

Dentures have a quite undeserved reputation which associates them only with older people who have trouble keeping their teeth in at meal times and while they talk. But the fact is that dentures are a vital tool in solving the problem of tooth loss. If you have lost some or all of your teeth then the problem will have to be solved so that you can get on with your life and eat and talk in comfort. There are a number of options presented by modern dentistry but dentures retain their popularity for a number of reasons.

For one thing dentures are highly adaptable and they are available in full and partial sets. It is not the case that you only get dentures fitted when all teeth have been lost. Modern dentures are also far more comfortable than the stereotypes might have you believe. Able to be held in place either by fixing gels or through the natural suction ability of your gums, dentures tend to be made from materials these days which cause the minimum amount of friction to your gums.

The fact that dentures are total removable means that they are an advantage for some. Having dental implant work done, for example, is a big decision for many people and dentures can be worn in the mean time while patients make up their mind about what the options are. You can persist with dentures or opt for another solution at a later date.

Compared to some of these other options, dentures are also relatively affordable which will be a consideration for many people in these chastened economic times. Book an appointment with your London dentist to ask him or her about the various solutions to tooth loss.

London dentists advise patients about their suitability for dental implants

Many people who lose their teeth now opt for dental implants to replace them. The benefits of dental implants are obvious: they are extremely permanent and durable. However, dental implants are not suitable for everybody and some patients might be better choosing another method of replacing their teeth, perhaps a set of dentures (either full or partial) or dental bridge work if the conditions are right.

Dental implants have become popular because the implants themselves are such a secure housing for replacement teeth. This is possible because an implant is placed carefully beneath the gum against the jaw bone. Over time the implant will fuse with the bone in a process that scientists call osseointegration. Effectively the implant becomes part of the mouth and the false tooth that is housed in it will be very secure in its position.

In order for this procedure to be carried out, dental implants require fairly invasive surgery to take place. This will not be suitable for every single patient. Usually the operation is done under local anaesthetic which will be too much for some patients who are especially frail. Those with blood disorders might not be suitable patients either.

Dental implants can be done with the purpose of housing just a stand alone tooth but they can also be used to support a bridge of replacement teeth. In this case it will have to be determined whether your jaw bone is up to the job. Such a procedure will put the bone under some strain; most healthy people will be able to cope with it but not everyone, particularly if you have a bone disorder.

Your London dentist will be able to give you a full consultation to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants.

How Dentures can help you in London

For some people in London, having dentures can seem like the end of the road, this is probably because they have had bad press in the past. Dentists then would advocate having all the teeth pulled, but in the follow up treatments, would fit the patient, normally a troubled 60 something, with ill designed, plastic dentures that were often difficult to keep in the mouth. Thankfully, dentures have come a long way since those dark days and offer the modern wearer a great deal of relief. For a start, dentures can stop the face sagging and ageing that follows naturally with the removal of the teeth. They can also maintain the health of your mouth. But having a good quality set of dentures can put you back in the human race again, allowing you to eat and talk with confidence once more. As for the plastic look, dentures can now be manufactured from soft, close fitting materials that hug to the gums, and can be fitted with strong, natural looking porcelain teeth. Adhesives have also advanced greatly with time and can hold the dentures true and firm in the mouth- combine that with mini implants that lock the dentures into place and you could chew your way out of prison. Having dentures can be a shock at first, but there’s no denying the quality of life that they give back to the wearer.

Getting Dental Implants in the City of London

If you have a tooth missing and are considering getting it replaced in the city of London, or are having problems with your dentures slipping around, you may like to consider having a dental implant fitted to help you with the dilemma. Implants are used for a number of dental procedures these days and with radical advances in implant methods mean that they are easier and quicker than ever to fit, and are considered to be as strong and as efficient as the root they replace. They also help maintain a healthy mouth; a missing tooth can lead to movement in the remaining teeth, house unwanted bacteria and lead to gum disease. If you are considering having one for a bridge or just to house a single tooth, it’s a pretty straight forward operation, thanks to modern micro surgery and protein healing agents. The implant is screwed into the jawbone through the gum and allowed to heal, before a temporary tooth or bridge is attached so that the gums can mature. Then the new fixture can be set in the mouth. In the case of dentures, mini implants can be fitted in a day by the same process. Once they are in, the dentures simply click onto the implants, holding the dentures strong and true in the mouth and combined with a fixative, there will be no embarrassing moments with your teeth falling out over dinner. The cost for an implant has dropped considerably- some coming in for as little as £400, though that is the implant alone, you then have to take into account the cost of the other work required. Mini’s cost far less

Get effectively fitted dentures from London dentists

Losing a tooth or teeth can be extremely painful and cause activities which you take for granted to be difficult. Eating and drinking can be problematic and you might feel embarrassed about your appearance at social occasions, especially if your loss has caused your cheeks to sag, making you appear older than you are. The fitting of dentures might be the ideal solution and you should ask your London dentist about them today if you have lost teeth.

You might have lost teeth if you were in an accident or because they have decayed as a result of disease, poor oral hygiene or simply old age. Dentures can come as a complete set or partial set, depending on how many replacements you need. They are designed to resemble natural teeth and are vital either to replace all of your teeth or to fill in a gap and stop the remaining teeth from shifting into the positions where the missing teeth used to be. Advances in technology mean that the dentures people are given today are more comfortable than they used to be and removable to make cleaning easier.

If you would prefer a permanent solution and don’t want the worry of your dentures slipping while you are talking, eating or drinking, non-removable options are also available. Dental implants and fixed bridges mean that you can clean your replacement teeth just like you would any other tooth. The implants can be quite expensive but they are a long term and durable solution.

Dentures are usually made from acrylic resin materials and can be held in place by the natural suction of gums. Some people prefer to apply a fixing agent every day to keep them in place. They last many years with good care but you will probably need replacements in the future if and when your mouth changes shape. If you want to know more about dentures, talk to your London dentist today.

Getting a mini dental implant in the city of London

Having to wear dentures in the city of London can lead to a big lifestyle change, especially if you are fond of dining out. Often, normal bonding can limit your choice of cuisine. But, help is on hand in the form of mini implants that can hold the dentures fast, allowing you to once again enjoy the delights of eating a steak in public. Mini implants are becoming more and more popular with dentists because of their ease of fitting and the illuminating benefits they give to those wearing dentures or needing small crowns. They are much smaller than normal implants- a thin as a cocktail stick, but the size required will depend on the condition of the bone they are attached to and they are more commonly used in conjunction with a lower denture. A hole is drilled through the gum and into the jawbone and the implant attached. With a mini implant, no gum tissue has to be cut, so there is no long healing process of 3-6 months, as with standard implants, so the newly customised dentures can be clicked onto the mini implants (between 4-6) immediately. This whole operation takes around an hour and a half (an extended dinner break!) with the use of a local anaesthetic, is quite painless. There may be some discomfort afterwards until the implants settle but this can be checked with mild painkillers. The price is a third of standard implants, but the greatest advantage of all is that you can book into your favourite diner once again, that very same evening! Bon appetite!

Dentures in the city of London

Losing a tooth or indeed, all your teeth can be quite traumatic moment in your life, but the use of dentures for both cosmetic and clinical reasons can be detrimental to oral health, according to a dentist in London. False teeth come in many forms, the obvious being dental crowns and porcelain veneers, though these rely on the original tooth still being present. Implants or bridges- these stop the original teeth moving out of place and support the bite. They also support speech, looks and aid mastication. In some cases, a person will lose all the teeth through gum disease, tooth decay, trauma or drug use. In this case, once the teeth have been extracted, it can take several months for the gums to heal before dentures can be fitted. An impression is taken once the gums have healed and the teeth can be fitted using a sealant. In time, and with a quality set of dentures, the sealant can be discarded. As with all false teeth, the mouth needs to adjust and dentures can cause discomfort for a few days. Speech and eating can be a problem at first, but once the

New dentures settle down to normal and the recipient can once again smile with confidence.

Secure modern dentures from City of London dentist

City of London dentists have been replacing lost teeth with dentures for many years but the dentures they are able to fit these days are a vast improvement on the dentures of the past. Modern dentures are made of modern plastics and ceramics and look more lifelike, feel more comfortable and are better fitting than ever before. This comes as some relief to the many thousands of patients each year that have lost their teeth and need to be fitted with dentures. But how and why do patients lose their teeth and end up needing dentures?

The most common reason for needing dentures is lost teeth due to decay and disease. Tooth decay and gum disease are very common amongst adults due to a lack of oral hygiene and understanding about how you need to look after your teeth. Once decay has taken hold it is very hard to halt the process, which affects more and more teeth in the mouth. The other very common reason for needing dentures is having teeth knocked out in an accident such as a car crash or sporting injury. These can be very damaging and result in the loss of many teeth in the same instance.

Luckily for patients who have lost teeth, dentures can now be fitted with the minimum of fuss and they can completely restore the appearance of lost teeth. Modern dentures should fit by suction alone and should not require any messy dental adhesives but some patients often feel that these are necessary. In these cases, the dentist can fit small metal screws called mini-implants. These are drilled directly into the jawbone and act as a secure clip base for the dentures. They can easily be fitted in and removed and allow the patient to carry on with life without the fear of their dentures falling out.

Stunning modern dentures from City of London dentist

Although significant improvements have been made in the last twenty years when it comes to dental technology, the dental health of the nation hasn’t shown a similar improvement. This may be due to poor diets, children eating too much sugary food or simply due to complacency. Whatever the cause, people are still experiencing high levels of decay and teeth are being lost as a result. When one tooth is lost, it leads to an increased chance of loosing more. When a significant number of teeth have been lost, the dentist will usually advise the removal of the remaining few to replace them with dentures.

Now obviously it would be better if nobody needed to wear dentures but the fact remains that some people do whether it is due to decay or loss through accident. But thankfully, wearing dentures doesn’t have to carry the stigma it once did. Modern dentures are comfortable, realistic and durable, a great improvement on the dentures we may remember from the past.

Dentures should ideally fit over the top of the gums, and stay in place through suction alone but some patients find they need a little extra bit of support and confidence. This can be gained either by wearing denture adhesive, which can be messy or by having a set of mini-implants fitted. These are small titanium screws that are anchored into the jawbone and used as clips to attach the dentures in place. They are very secure and eliminate the threat of dentures falling out at inopportune moments. Ask your City of London dentist for more information about dentures and their possibilities, it could be the change you have been looking for to restore your confidence and the functionality of your teeth.

Why have a Dental Implant instead of dentures? A City of London dentist advises

A dental Implant is not for everyone, especially if you`re impatient and want a new false tooth or teeth right away. The procedure takes months to complete and is done in stages, that’s because the base of the implant needs to integrate with the jaw bone in order for the implant to work. It all starts off with a local anaesthetic to the gums, then an incision is made and a Titanium plate is placed under the gum and screwed into the jaw bone. The plate is previously prepared by having holes drilled in it; these are then inserted with a screw so later on a pole can be screwed into it for the artificial tooth to sit on. A plate can take one or several implants in accordance with the patients needs. This procedure agitates the blood system to produce baby bone cells, and these are laid down over the plate to make it part of the jaw and to stop the body from rejecting it. When this is done, and it can several months, the incision is reopened, and the stands are screwed in place and glued. The tooth itself is made from porcelain and is very hard wearing, this is placed on the pole and cemented in place. The tooth itself is usable almost straight away, and it needs no special care, just treat it like a real tooth that has grown back. To clean it you simply floss and brush, your 6 monthly dental reviews will help to keep them free from tartar.

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