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The Important Fight On Bad Breath In Central London

Friday, January 4th, 2013

 Central London is a very demanding place to live and expects the best of you at all times; the way you look is essential in this as appearances mean everything and can be the difference between you getting ahead or not. However, all of this is pointless if you suffer with bad breath as it can undo everything you have strived to achieve- so it needs to be fought against to get yourself back in the game. The causes can be many-fold; habits such as smoking, heavy drinking and a poor diet can help to dry up the saliva in the mouth, and if this happens, you are leaving yourself open to gum disease and tooth decay- another two protagonists in bad breath. Firstly, you need to see your dentist and hygienist in order to check for problems in your teeth and gums and then work out a way to tackle your diet and bad habits in order to get the saliva levels up in your mouth again. Your oral hygiene must change and improve: introducing herbal remedies into your daily programme can help to calm your mouth down and restore the blood flow back into the gums; your tongue must also be cleaned as it harbours lots of bacteria. Drinking lots of water can also help in keeping the mouth hydrated, as can chewing gum and sucking on sugar-free sweets. If all of these methods fail to work, then you’ll need to see a doctor, as the problem could well be emanating from deep inside you and completely unrelated to your mouth. 

Ganging up on Gum Disease in Central London

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Your gums and teeth are very complex combinations that need constant care and attention, because the things that attack them are equally as complex; out of the two, the gums are probably more susceptible to disease. Poor lifestyle and oral hygiene are two of the main reasons why plaque will build up around the teeth and turn into tartar, and soon it will infect the gums. The early signs of this are when you clean your teeth and discover blood on your toothbrush- this is the time to act and act fast: talk to your dentist, clean up your act when it comes to your diet and your hygiene and start to care for your gums. Incorporate herbal remedies when you brush and floss and massage your gums daily to encourage stimulation in the blood flow. Gum disease can be beaten, but you have to keep on top of it at all times, otherwise, aside from leading to your teeth falling out, it is a killer. Whilst it is present, it will leak deadly toxins into the bloodstream and these will be deposited into your heart and other vital organs in your body and over a sustained period of time, these organs will pack in. it truly is a disease not to be taken lightly and should be acted upon fast in central London.

The dangers of Bleeding Gums in London

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

The gums house your teeth: they are delicate yes, but they keep the blood flowing around the mouth in order to keep your teeth healthy. However, their fragility leaves them vulnerable to abuse from the elements that enter the mouth. As ever, all of us are different, and some gums are stronger than others, but generally, if you have a healthy lifestyle, you gums will be strong as well, as long as you eat well and maintain a good level of oral hygiene. If only that were the case in such a tempting place like London eh? Sometimes, we may well throw caution to the wind and let our hair down: this is where the gums come under threat and if you continue on this course, they can well become diseased. The first signs being when you are rinsing blood out of your mouth after brushing and this is the time you must act fast to stop it going any further and get along to see your dentist. If after the check-up, you check out okay, then it may be that you are just using too hard a brush for your mouth. But, a dentist will pick up on any signs of gum disease and will take the appropriate measures by deep cleaning and scaling below the gum line. This alone won’t solve the problem, but your dentist or hygienist can also enlighten you as to what to do at home in order to stop the gums from bleeding, and then what you should continue to do to avoid the problem from ever happening again.



Ganging up on Gum Disease in London

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Gum disease at some point and in some form, will affect over 70% of people in living in London and once you get it, it’s difficult to get rid of as it is so persistent. In its infancy you probably wouldn’t see the early signs of it. It begins when plaque is allowed to build up around the base of the teeth and this will then start to infect the gums. From this point, it will cause the gums to bleed after brushing and that’s when you know you have a problem; your gums will also ‘weep’ and start to recede. If this is allowed to progress further your teeth will decay and you will develop periodontal disease that will eat away at your jawbone and your teeth will start to disappear. Even more sinister, while all this destruction to your mouth is going on, the toxins from the gum disease will leak into your bloodstream and there have been links between the disease and organ failure in the body, especially the heart. Solving it means immediate action; the dentist is your first call in order to evaluate how bad the problem is and your teeth and gums will be deep cleaned. The next stage is down to you- the way you care for your mouth, and body too, in the home must change. Throw every product you can at the problem and ‘up’ the way clean your teeth and gums- then change your lifestyle. Smoking is a real killer for diseased gums and can hinder and treatments. Your diet must also improve to build up your immune system.

How to Prevent Gum Disease? London Dentist has the Answers

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Do your gums bleed when brushing or flossing? Do you experience tenderness in your gums? Do they look swollen? Do you have persistent bad breath? If you answer yes to some or all of these questions you may have gum disease. Even with modern dental treatments, gum disease is still a very common problem. At best it can cause discomfort when eating or talking, at worst it can lead to tooth loss and serious infections.

Your local London dentist can help you prevent gum disease, or treat it if you already have it. The sooner you can spot gum disease the more easily it is treated; regular visits to the dentist will help you it early. As mentioned, the first symptoms of gum disease can be very mild: bleeding gums, tenderness, swelling, or even bad breath. If you experience any of these you should make sure that you are taking good care of your teeth, many mild cases can be treated with good dental hygiene. Brush at least two or three times a day and floss regularly. Gum disease is predominantly caused by the build up of plaque on the teeth around the gums. Plaque is predominantly bacteria and so should be removed as quickly and effectively as possible before it can spread. If the symptoms become pronounced you should make an appointment with your dentist.

Beyond the first symptoms there can be serious complications to gum disease if left untreated. Tooth abscesses (pockets of pus) can build up in your gums. The tissue that connects your tooth to its socket can degrade until your teeth fall out. Visit your dentist if you have any concerns and they will be able to offer a professional cleaning and treatment that is very effective at reducing gum disease.

Learn About The Dangers of Gum Disease From Your Central London dentist

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Gum disease is a common dental problem with serious effects. Left untreated it can result in terrible tooth ache and eventual lose of teeth. Caused by the build up of plaque, a ‘biofilm’ of bacteria, on your teeth and around your gums it is essential to brush with a fluoride toothpaste and floss regularly to remove the plaque.

The first symptom, called ‘gingivitis’, you may be suffering from gum disease will be an inflammation and irritation of the gums; they will begin to look red and swollen and feel tender. You may also find that brushing and flossing your teeth causes bleeding of the gums. The occurrence of persistent bad breath, known as ‘halitosis’, may be a sign of gum disease. If you notice any of these symptoms appearing it is very important that you maintain good dental hygiene and visit your Central London dentist before the gum disease reaches the next stage.

Without being treated gingivitis will develop into ‘periodontitis’, the next stage of gum disease. At this point, very serious issues can begin to occur as your teeth’s connective tissue begins to break down. Your teeth will become looser within your gums accompanied by pain and bleeding. Becoming looser, your teeth will have a much higher chance of falling, or being knocked, out.

As the gum disease causes more of your teeth to be exposed to plaque and bacteria the rate of damage will become much higher. Without early treatment your dentist will have to extract the infected teeth and replace them with artificial alternatives. Visit your dentist regularly to catch the signs early and prevent any serious damage from happening.

Tiptoeing Over Sensitive Teeth in the City of London

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Sensitive teeth can be a serious problem on a daily basis in the city of London, stopping you from doing things, eating and drinking things and just down right irritating. The causes are many: over exuberant brushing can wear down the enamel and destroy the gums around the base of the teeth.

Tooth decay can also affect the way your teeth react to temperature and chewing. Gum disease can cause the gums to recede hence exposing sensitive part of the tooth below the gum-line. Teeth grinding and bleaching can also have the same affect. Whatever the causes, you should treat it as best you can; changing your brush to softer bristles and switching toothpaste to a more sensitive one can have immediate effects and take away the pain; fluoride mouth-washes are also very good for this.

You also have your dentist to fall back on with some of these problems; a filling should clear up any problems with tooth decay. As for the exposed areas of the teeth, you can opt for several methods; it is possible to coat the teeth with fluoride varnishes or gels in order to cover the problem. You can also have a dental sealant placed over the exposed areas for protection. Of course, if you grind your teeth, you should really have a mouth-guard fitted in order to protect the enamel from being ground away.

Ghastly Gum Disease in London

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Gum disease in London is evil: make no mistake about how dangerous this condition is because not only does it wreak havoc in your mouth, it can cause damage throughout your body too.Gum disease is a direct result of poor oral hygiene, that and avoiding the dentist. The idea behind oral hygiene is to prevent plaque from developing in the mouth as this is where every other problem in the mouth stems from, gum disease included.

If not removed, the plaque will turn to tartar that build up around the base of the teeth and infects the gums, meanwhile, tooth decay can develop that will also lead to gum disease; this will cause the gums to ‘die’ leading to inevitable tooth loss. But whilst all of this is going on, the gums disease, that is quite poisonous, will be leaking toxins into the bloodstream and over a prolonged period, poison the heart and other organs, causing them to fail.

You will fist become aware of gum disease when you gums ‘weep’ or bleed after brushing and it is now you should jump into action as soon as this occurs. Between you and your dentist, you should clean your teeth and gums and ‘up’ the way you look after your mouth, this will include improving your diet, your oral hygiene and cutting down on the smoking and drinking. Herbal products are excellent in the fight against gum disease so you should find out as much as you can about the way they work. Of course, if the problem has been allowed to go beyond this point, rectifying it becomes complex. Cleaning the teeth and gums is an intricate procedure but necessary in order to remove any disease and bacteria. Serious cases may require bone grafting and gum contouring in order to save your teeth.

Overcoming Tooth Pain in the City of London

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

There is nothing worse or more annoying in the city of London than tooth pain it can strike at leisure and has no care for where you may be, or who you may be with at the time. The point is however, it is an indication that you may well have a caries or worse, tooth decay could have set in and there is a reason for this- you have been lazy with your oral hygiene and /or been missing out on the odd trip to the dentist.

Tooth pain is not just about the decay though, although it usually plays a part in tooth problems such as an abscess and gum disease; it can also be caused by grinding, the eruption of new teeth, jaw disorders or cracked teeth. Overcoming these problems can be solved quickly at the dentists or over a period of time at the dentists. Caught quickly, the onset of tooth decay can be cured with a filling, at worse- root canal treatment. Gum disease is more complex and will take a lot harder work from both you and your dentist to overcome, Jaw disorders again can be complex- basic occlusion problems can be solved by teeth straightening, but jaw damage may require surgery; such damage to the jaws can be caused by teeth grinding that also leads to toothache- again, not easy to remedy.

The eruption of new teeth into the mouth however is a matter of grinning and bearing it until they come through. There are soothing gels, herbal remedies and painkillers that can be used to thwart this problem.

Dangerous dental disease in London

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

There are many dangerous dental diseases that can crop up in the mouth and though this is what all dentistry is based on in London, the prevention of such evils, it is important that you know the signs and learn to prevent them as well going to the dentist. It all starts quite innocuously: a little plaque can develop and then tartar will form around the base of the teeth; this can be removed by your dentist or by a specially designed sonic toothbrush. If however, the cycle is allowed to continue, the plaque will soon start to attack the surface of the teeth and caries will form and then tooth decay will set in.

In the meantime, the tartar will also start to infect the gums and then gum disease will take hold. Rectifying such problems gets harder and more expensive the more the issues are ignored and the work can become very complex indeed; it can involve bone and tissue grafting in order to re-construct your mouth. At the end of this destructive cycle, the inevitable outcome is the loss of your teeth. Identifying these problems can be sourced from your dentist or from the internet, but the basic signs are toothache or bleeding gums- sure indications that something is going wrong with your mouth.

Between getting a decent oral hygiene program for yourself that suits you and your dentist, you should be able to prevent such things happening. Plus, if things do go wrong, you should work hard to ensure you they don’t spiral out of control.