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Posts tagged “Porcelain veneers”

Top notch teeth with Porcelain Veneers in Central London

Next time you are walking around central London and looking for something to do, pop into the British Museum and have a look at some statues made from porcelain- look at the way the material gives off such an amazing natural hue and how beautiful it is. Hold that thought, and now imagine if your teeth looked like that. Yes, those old, cracked, discoloured, worn down teeth that have become tired and have gaps appearing between them. Well, get this, you can get your teeth to look like those of a Hollywood star with porcelain veneers. Not only does this treatment cover up all of the aforementioned evils that time has thrown at us, but think of those statues and imagine what your mouth is going to look like after the treatment. It’s a very easy procedure whereby the dentist will prepare your teeth by shaving away the original enamel, take moulds of your mouth, send them off so that the veneers can be made and lay on temporary veneers until the real ones come back from the lab after a couple of weeks: when they do, they are simple cemented into place. Now if that has wetted the appetite to the point you don’t think you can even wait that long to have it done, here’s the real deal. Find a dentist that uses CEREC technology, and you can have all the above done in an hour for around the same price!

Central London dentists help patients decide between composite resin veneers and porcelain veneers

If you have one or two unsightly teeth that you want to conceal to improve the look of your smile, your dentist will explain the different types of veneer that are available. A veneer is basically a thin strip of material that is attached to the front of the tooth in order to cover up staining, a crack, a chip or just to improve on the appearance of dull colouration.

Essentially there are two main types of veneer and your Central London dentist will explain the differences. The main difference lies in the material that they are made from: composite resin or porcelain. Both types of veneer have their pros and cons and ultimately it will be up to you to weigh up your needs and decide which is best for what you have in mind.

Porcelain veneers are relatively new, compared to composite resin veneers. This means that they tend to be more expensive. In the past composite resin veneers had the advantage of being more convenient because they could be fitted in just one visit to the dentist whereas porcelain veneers had to be constructed off-site in a special lab which meant a couple of visits to the surgery. Increasingly though, dentists are using CEREC or CAD/CAM tools in their surgeries which allows porcelain veneers to be fabricated in just over five minutes by an online machine.

Porcelain veneers have the advantage that they will not stain. If there is damage sustained to a porcelain veneer the whole thing will have to be replaced; with composite resin veneers they can simply be repaired. Ask your dentist for more details.

The durability of Porcelain Veneers in the city of London

Porcelain veneers have proved themselves brilliantly over the years, which is why they are the more popular choice of people living in the city of London. From the moment they are cemented onto the teeth they treble in strength, are very durable and if looked after, should last you for a good 15 years. The porcelain has very similar qualities to that of the natural enamel, but like your teeth, they are just as vulnerable to what you put in your mouth. When you have one fitted, you should enquire about stain resistant cement, because this also helps the veneer to be more resilient to staining. Generally, you should treat a veneer like any other teeth- the same rules apply. For a start, you should try to limit foods, drinks and habits that have staining qualities- tea, coffee, acidic berries, smoking and red wine. However, with a highly regimented program of oral hygiene such as brushing, flossing and rinsing- there are toothpastes specially designed for veneers on the market. Of course you can back this up by having your teeth polished regularly by your dentist; if you maintain these disciplines, your veneers should remain relatively stain-free.

Porcelain or Resin Veneers in Central London- the Choice is yours

When you’re on the lookout for a bit of cosmetic touching up in central London, one of the options you may like to consider are veneers. These little beauties can cover up all the nasty things that the teeth have become exposed to over the years- general wear and tear if you like. They generally come in two forms, resin or porcelain. Resin veneers are very versatile; the dentists will build up layers of resin over the affected area of the tooth, curing each one during the process as they go along until there is enough material to sculpture and polish. The finish is made to colour match the rest of your teeth and it’s a very quick and simple operation- cheap too, compared to porcelain. But resin is far more vulnerable to staining, but due to its flexibility, it can be touched up at anytime and the finish is exceptional. Porcelain veneers however, are a completely different kettle of fish. They are very thin and very brittle…that’s until they are bonded onto the tooth and then they become very strong indeed. They also have a longer shelf life to that of resin and being impervious, they resist staining from such ‘nasties’ like smoking, or rich fluids such as red wine. Porcelain veneers also looks fantastically natural and beautiful and is the closest you can get to the natural enamel of the teeth, compared to resin. However, they do have a downside. If damaged, they cannot be repaired, they has to be replaced (it is pricey in the first place compared to resin) and that leave you a little light in the pocket. But both have a place in cosmetic dentistry and it’s all down to what you require and your lifestyle.

City of London dentists advise patients about porcelain veneers and staining

Porcelain veneers have become extremely popular products in cosmetic dentistry. They are primarily used to cover up broken, cracked or even stained teeth. Patients find that having a porcelain veneer cover up their unsightly tooth gives their self confidence a major boost. This is welcome for people who want to get ahead in life and find that their appearance matters for them to be able to do so.

They can be fitted extremely quickly these days thanks to advances in the technology that is in use in dental surgeries. CEREC techniques allow porcelain veneers to be constructed in only six minutes, ready to be fitted; an extremely convenient option, most agree. The porcelain that they are made from is very durable indeed and means that they will last for a great many years and can be treated just like any other regular tooth.

Such is their durability that they can be extremely thin indeed. This is a welcome bonus for patients who worry that too much of their existing tooth might need to be removed to accommodate the porcelain dental veneer. Some types of veneers are so thin that they have been dubbed affectionately ‘contact lenses for teeth’.

One worry that many patients have, however, is whether their porcelain veneer will become stained over time. Teeth can become stained through smoking tobacco products and drinking things like red wine, cola drinks and tea and coffee. There is no danger of this happening to your porcelain veneer though. They are made from ceramic which is actually a lot like glass in respect to some of its properties. Essentially liquid ‘slips’ off it and won’t hang around to stain the veneer.

Any further questions about porcelain veneers can be answered by your City of London dentist.

Get stunning results with porcelain veneers from Central London dentists

Having a winning smile is something many of us aspire to and yet this can often be blighted by cracked, chipped or stained teeth. This is not something that you have to put up with thanks to the solutions offered by dentists in the form of porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are strips of porcelain which dentists can affix to the front of a tooth which you don’t like the appearance of. They are so thin that some have been affectionately dubbed ‘contact lenses for teeth’. They are effective at covering and concealing teeth which might feature a crack or a chip. They can be used for teeth which are stained but dentists are likely to recommend some sort of teeth whitening in this case. This is because sometimes a little of the existing tooth has to be removed in order to accommodate the porcelain veneer.

Thanks to modern techniques, porcelain veneers can be fitted with incredible speed. Even the busiest of schedules will likely be able to accommodate a porcelain veneer fitting which uses pioneering CEREC technology. This allows dentists to take a three dimensional image of your mouth and send it to an online milling machine. This will fabricate a porcelain veneer in just six minutes, ready to be fitted.

Your dentist can adapt the porcelain veneer so that it matches your surrounding teeth in terms of colour, texture and even translucence. The porcelain it is made from is incredibly durable and you will be able to treat it just like a normal tooth. Further to this, they are so discreet that even your closest intimates won’t know that you have a porcelain veneer. All they’ll notice is how great your smile looks. If you need any more information, talk to your Central London dentist today.

Stunning smiles available from Central London dentists using porcelain veneers

In a society so obsessed with personal image and appearance, it can be extremely debilitating to feel ashamed of your smile. Meeting new people and attending business meetings can become difficult propositions if you think that your smile is not what it could be. Stained, uneven or damaged teeth can now be easily rectified by porcelain veneers.

Advances in dentistry mean that in just one session with your dentist you can have stunning and durable porcelain veneers fitted. The confidence boost that this can give you is incredible and you will soon forget that you ever had problems with your teeth at all such is the coverage of natural looking porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers can be as thin as contact lenses, meaning that the minimum of work is required to even have them fitted. CEREC techniques used by Central London dentists allow your new porcelain veneers to be constructed in six minutes flat from an online milling machine which uses the data from 3D digital x-rays. No longer will you have to wait weeks for your new veneers to be made and have to wear temporary ones in the meantime.

Once constructed, your dentist will clean the area and apply a special etching agent which will help the veneer to bind effectively with your tooth. The veneer, specially matched to the rest of your teeth in terms of colour, shade and even translucence, can be attached to the existing tooth.

If you need a damaged, stained or crooked tooth covered by a veneer, ask your Central London dentist about the amazing results that the porcelain variety can now offer.

A London dentist explains porcelain veneers

London moves at a very fast pace and offers a lot of temptation, most of which ends up in the mouth, fast food, fags and booze. Combine that with the passing of time, teeth can become suceptible to staining, damage, wear and decay. Gaps can appear, gums recede and with it, the smile. But help is at hand in the form of porcelain veneers. They are available to all, at varying prices and can re-instate the look of the mouth. Having veneers fitted give teeth back their length and sheen, being strong with a natural translucent look. They plug gaps and most importantly, restore confidence and self esteem. After initial consultations, the process is quick and painless, very quick with the CEREC option where the work can be done in a day. The first procedure is to remove the old porcelain and shape the teeth in readiness for the veneers. Moulds will be taken and the veneers constructed in a lab, which can take a couple of weeks- hence temporary veneers will be installed, or done on site. Come the day of the fitting, the teeth are cleaned, the veneers cemented in and cured with a special light. The new look is instant and the results very rewarding. Veneers will have to be replaced in time but should last 5-10 years depending on how they are treated. Prices vary between £300-£500 pound each, but what price to smile again? You definitely get what you pay for.

Save your smile with porcelain veneers from London dentist

Cosmetic dentistry offers an array of incredible treatments to restore both the appearance and functionality of the teeth. Even for patients with teeth that are in very poor condition, there are ways to almost completely restore the teeth and create a beautiful smile. In many cases this may involve the process of designing and fitting porcelain veneers.

These are small ceramic caps that are designed to fit over the existing teeth to improve the appearance of uneven, damaged or worn teeth. They are also commonly used for teeth suffering from discolouration. The veneers are cemented in place using dental bonding, which is also coloured white for maximum aesthetic effect.

Porcelain veneers are capable of producing stunning results and transforming the smile and even total appearance of the face. They can last up to twenty years if they are properly cleaned and maintained, with any small adjustment needed being made by your London dentist.

In the past, the process of manufacturing porcelain veneers was quite lengthy, requiring several dental moulds and a number of dental x-rays. However, new technology called Cerec has made possible the design, manufacture and installation of porcelain veneers in just one appointment. This new computer-based technology utilises three-dimensional imaging and digital x-rays to provide the dentist with the necessary tools for this amazing treatment.

Porcelain veneers also have a functional role to play, protecting sometimes very fragile tooth enamel from further exposure. This is especially true in cases of worn enamel where the teeth may be under threat from decay and disease. Porcelain is a very resilient substance, similar to enamel in both structure and appearance.

Brand new smile with porcelain veneers from City of London dentist

Many people are embarrassed by the condition of their teeth. This can have very detrimental effects on their self-esteem and self-confidence, which can affect all areas of their life. However, whatever the condition of your teeth, there are many cosmetic dentistry treatments that could help. This could involve a teeth whitening treatment, dental bonding or for a more complete overhaul, porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are very thin tooth caps that are placed over existing teeth to restore their appearance. They are suitable for use on patients with discoloured, worn or uneven teeth. They are manufactured to fit your individual teeth and cemented using dental bonding. The whole fitting procedure can take as little as one afternoon, meaning that you could have a brand new, beautiful smile in only one day. New technology has also greatly reduced manufacturing time and improved the accuracy of treatment.

Modern veneers are also incredibly thin, some only as wide as a contact lens, meaning that minimal or no enamel removal is needed before treatment. It also means that treatment is reversible; although it is very unlikely once you have seen your new teeth that you would ever want your old ones back.

The results achievable with porcelain veneers are incredible. You may have seen on one of the latest TV makeover shows how even the most damaged teeth can be completely restored by a set of veneers. Make an appointment with a Central London dentist to learn more about the possibilities of porcelain veneers.

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