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Posts tagged “receding gums”

A London dentist explains porcelain veneers

London moves at a very fast pace and offers a lot of temptation, most of which ends up in the mouth, fast food, fags and booze. Combine that with the passing of time, teeth can become suceptible to staining, damage, wear and decay. Gaps can appear, gums recede and with it, the smile. But help is at hand in the form of porcelain veneers. They are available to all, at varying prices and can re-instate the look of the mouth. Having veneers fitted give teeth back their length and sheen, being strong with a natural translucent look. They plug gaps and most importantly, restore confidence and self esteem. After initial consultations, the process is quick and painless, very quick with the CEREC option where the work can be done in a day. The first procedure is to remove the old porcelain and shape the teeth in readiness for the veneers. Moulds will be taken and the veneers constructed in a lab, which can take a couple of weeks- hence temporary veneers will be installed, or done on site. Come the day of the fitting, the teeth are cleaned, the veneers cemented in and cured with a special light. The new look is instant and the results very rewarding. Veneers will have to be replaced in time but should last 5-10 years depending on how they are treated. Prices vary between £300-£500 pound each, but what price to smile again? You definitely get what you pay for.

Tooth Sensitivity Treated in City of London

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by temperature changes in your mouth, acidic foods and beverages, sweets, and touching the exposed dentin of your tooth if there is any, allowing a connection between the outer part of your tooth and its pulp. When you visit your City of London dentists, they can help you to resolve this problem. Receding gums can result in tooth sensitivity, along with hard bristle brush overuse that can wear away tooth structure, especially if gritty toothpastes are used. Overuse of teeth whiteners can also result in tooth sensitivity, as well as acidic mouthwashes. Some routine dental procedures can also leave your tooth/teeth sensitive, but this usually doesn’t last too long. Your City of London dentists will tell you to use proper oral hygiene, a soft toothbrush, fluoride-based toothpastes and other products, and to consume a proper non-acidic diet. Your City of London dentist also has several procedures available to reduce your tooth sensitivity, or eliminate it altogether.

London Dentist Offers Help with Tooth Sensitivity

Your London Dental Clinic can help you with tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is caused by abrupt changes in intraoral temperatures, acidic foods and beverages, and sweets, touching your tooth in an area where there is communication between the outside of your tooth and pulp. Tooth sensitivity causes and treatment will be addressed went your visit your London dentist.

Here is an overview: Tooth sensitivity occurs when tooth’s dentinal structure is exposed because of receding gums, or if parts of this dentinal layer is exposed on the crown portion of the tooth and/or root of the tooth. If this occurs, exposed dentinal tubules are present and exchange stimuli with the pulpal tissues, especially the nerves, triggering pain. Some causal events leading to sensitivity of the teeth are: the use of bristle brushes that are hard and/or brushing too hard and too much, this may wear down tooth enamel over time; gingival recession and damage to the teeth themselves; carious teeth; excessive use of teeth whiteners, gritty toothpastes, plaque build-up, use of acid mouthwashes, foods and beverages. Normal dental procedures can also leave your teeth sensitive, but this will resolve itself shortly.

Ways to reduce tooth sensitivity include: good oral hygiene practices; using a softer brush; fluoride products; and, being mindful of foods and beverages that you consume Make sure to visit your London dentist regularly. Your London dentist can use several procedures including to reduce or eliminate your teeth sensitivity.

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