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Treatment Options For Chipped Teeth In The Heart Of London

If you chip a tooth it can look unsightly, but it can also increase the risk of more damage in the future. Thankfully, we have amazing restorative options available to restore your smile and reduce the risk of injury further down the line.

Our treatments

We offer a range of restorative and cosmetic treatments for chipped, broken and decayed teeth and one of the best solutions for chipped teeth is composite bonding. This treatment is fast, effective and inexpensive and the best news is that it is completely painless.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding is a procedure used to enhance the aesthetic of the smile, but it also has restorative benefits. This is an ideal solution for chipped and worn teeth.

The actual procedure takes around one hour and there is no need for anaesthetic prior to treatment, as there is no pain involved.

Your dentist will use their skill to carefully mould dental composite, a material, which has a putty-like consistency, to repair the chips and build up the tooth structure. Once the composite is in the correct place and your dentist is happy with the result, they will use a curing light to set the composite. This process takes just a few seconds and there is no pain involved; you will be asked to wear glasses to protect your eyes at this point.

Could composite bonding benefit me?

If you have a chipped tooth or your teeth or worn or discoloured, composite bonding may be an ideal choice. Bonding is a simple, painless and quick treatment, which costs much less than veneers and the results are amazing. Despite the fact that the changes made to each tooth are minor, the overall impact is really impressive and treatment can have incredible benefits for the look of your smile, as well as your confidence.

Are You Ashamed of Your Bad Teeth? Dentist in Central London Wants to Help You

Are you one of the many people who are unfortunately embarrassed by their bad teeth? Do you struggle with laughing, smiling, even just eating in public because of your low self esteem and lack of confidence caused by your bad teeth? There are many different reasons you may be unhappy with your teeth. Common complaints from patients include stained, crooked, or rotten teeth. There are also complaints regarding chipped teeth, broken teeth, or missing teeth. Whatever the reason, you are not alone in feeling negatively towards your bad teeth. The good news is that your dentist in Central London is here to help you improve the way your teeth look and the way you feel about them and yourself. Celebrity smiles no longer come at celebrity price tags. Dental treatments are affordable and efficient, giving you the results you have always hoped for. One of the most popular procedures that deliver results in just one, quick session is tooth whitening. Your dentist can give you a whiter, sparkling smile in just one session lasting no more than an hour. With all the wonderful advancements of modern dentistry, there is no reason you should remain dissatisfied with your teeth. There are dental procedures to suit your individual needs. Working together with your dentist, you can achieve the perfect teeth you have always dreamed of.

Central London dentists fashion custom bleaching trays for patients to whiten teeth with

Staining of teeth and the fading of the sparkling white of your youth, is just a fact of life and is as likely to occur as hair becoming dull and grey. Activities such as drinking coffee, cola, tea and red wine and smoking can exacerbate the problem but most of us will experience a process of increasing dullness no matter what. Any look in a supermarket or on a website will show you that teeth whitening kits are readily available and many are quite affordable too. Your local dentist will also offer procedures which have the same effects too. The tricky thing is deciding which one of the treatments you will choose.

Most teeth whitening essentially comprises trays that are worn over your teeth, usually nocturnally, while being filled with special gel that removes stains and bleaches teeth. You can buy this is the form of a kit that you administer at home or your dentist can carry it out in the surgery. The home kits are advantageous in terms of convenience but many prefer to undergo the treatment in the surgery under the tutelage of an expert.

A halfway house between these two approaches is to get your Central London dentist to make you a set of trays based on moulds of your teeth. This helps to overcome the main inefficiency of whitening kits purchased from supermarkets or pharmacies: the trays are, more often than not, ‘one size fits all’. The reality is that everybody’s mouth is different and the gel will be able to work more effectively on your teeth if the trays have been made specifically for your mouth.

Get stunning results with porcelain veneers from Central London dentists

Having a winning smile is something many of us aspire to and yet this can often be blighted by cracked, chipped or stained teeth. This is not something that you have to put up with thanks to the solutions offered by dentists in the form of porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are strips of porcelain which dentists can affix to the front of a tooth which you don’t like the appearance of. They are so thin that some have been affectionately dubbed ‘contact lenses for teeth’. They are effective at covering and concealing teeth which might feature a crack or a chip. They can be used for teeth which are stained but dentists are likely to recommend some sort of teeth whitening in this case. This is because sometimes a little of the existing tooth has to be removed in order to accommodate the porcelain veneer.

Thanks to modern techniques, porcelain veneers can be fitted with incredible speed. Even the busiest of schedules will likely be able to accommodate a porcelain veneer fitting which uses pioneering CEREC technology. This allows dentists to take a three dimensional image of your mouth and send it to an online milling machine. This will fabricate a porcelain veneer in just six minutes, ready to be fitted.

Your dentist can adapt the porcelain veneer so that it matches your surrounding teeth in terms of colour, texture and even translucence. The porcelain it is made from is incredibly durable and you will be able to treat it just like a normal tooth. Further to this, they are so discreet that even your closest intimates won’t know that you have a porcelain veneer. All they’ll notice is how great your smile looks. If you need any more information, talk to your Central London dentist today.

Are You Ashamed of Your Teeth in London? Why Not Try Dental Veneers

Having tired, worn, chipped, cracked or stained teeth can really affect your confidence in London. You may find yourself smiling less and hiding what you have. It can even affect the way you talk to people, project yourself, and you can find that you are disappearing into your shell. It could be time then, to consider a makeover. Depending on how far ‘gone’ your teeth are, veneers are a great option. These little gems can make your smile return and everything else that comes with it, and it isn’t that expensive either. A porcelain veneer will set you back, on average, around £200, less on the NHS and the procedure takes around two weeks, or if you choose CEREC, about 2 hours. First the dentist will shave away the original enamel and then take a mould. The mould will then be sent off so that the veneers can be made, and in the interim, you will be fitted with a temp. When the veneers return, they are simply cemented onto the teeth and you walk away with a very natural, translucent look to your smile for up to 10 years. Another option is a lumineer- a similar process in preparation, except the original enamel is retained, and the new lumineer simply pasted onto the old tooth and this process is reversible.

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Products: Effective and Convenient in Central London

Over time in central London, our teeth can become very stained and yellowish and worse still if you’re a smoker. So it’s no surprise then that over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening kits have become very popular over the past 10 years, as have their prices. They are very easy to use, you decide when you want to touch up your teeth and you can get great results although there is an element of trial and error before you find the right one. Many of the ‘brand’ companies have jumped on the whitening bandwagon too and offer superb kits. The cheapest option are whitening toothpastes, these can be found almost anywhere. They contain all the ingredients required in a toothpaste, only with added peroxide. The most common kit contains bleaching trays into which, a gel is added and then placed over the teeth for around 30 minutes. Another quick and simple method is a whitening pen- you simple write the gel over the teeth which is more effective when used on small areas. But the most popular to date are self dissolving strips. Once they have been applied to the teeth, they simply bleach the teeth and then dissolve in about 10 minutes, leaving no mess; and the price of these little beauties? Like anything that floods a market, prices have dropped dramatically and you can get a good, comprehensive kit for under £50. Try one. It can give you back a lot of self confidence when you smile.

Stunning smiles available from Central London dentists using porcelain veneers

In a society so obsessed with personal image and appearance, it can be extremely debilitating to feel ashamed of your smile. Meeting new people and attending business meetings can become difficult propositions if you think that your smile is not what it could be. Stained, uneven or damaged teeth can now be easily rectified by porcelain veneers.

Advances in dentistry mean that in just one session with your dentist you can have stunning and durable porcelain veneers fitted. The confidence boost that this can give you is incredible and you will soon forget that you ever had problems with your teeth at all such is the coverage of natural looking porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers can be as thin as contact lenses, meaning that the minimum of work is required to even have them fitted. CEREC techniques used by Central London dentists allow your new porcelain veneers to be constructed in six minutes flat from an online milling machine which uses the data from 3D digital x-rays. No longer will you have to wait weeks for your new veneers to be made and have to wear temporary ones in the meantime.

Once constructed, your dentist will clean the area and apply a special etching agent which will help the veneer to bind effectively with your tooth. The veneer, specially matched to the rest of your teeth in terms of colour, shade and even translucence, can be attached to the existing tooth.

If you need a damaged, stained or crooked tooth covered by a veneer, ask your Central London dentist about the amazing results that the porcelain variety can now offer.

Central London dentists create incredible smiles using Enlighten tooth whitening

For those wanting the confidence boost that comes with having a perfect, white smile, teeth whitening procedures have been available for a long time. Even if you follow the recommended routine of brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, over time the colour of your teeth will fade. Oral hygiene or general health problems can make this worse too. The greatest improvement in teeth whitening procedures is Enlighten tooth whitening, available from your Central London dentist today.

It has become extremely popular in the United States as it is able to restore your teeth to what dentists call B1, the whitest possible tone of tooth colour. It doesn’t matter how stained or dull your teeth have become Enlighten tooth whitening can restore them. They use special trays filled with whitening gel. These trays are tight fitting to stop saliva interfering and ensure that maximum contact between teeth and gel is maintained during the treatment.

A mould will be taken of your teeth so that the trays can be specially constructed for your unique mouth. Once you have the trays they will need to be worn, with gel, for every night for two whole weeks. After the fortnight, you will see your dentist for a forty minute appointment and the main treatment is over. The Enlighten team recommend, however, that you continue wearing the trays for one night out of every forty to get the very best results.

If you have dull or stained teeth and are interested in restoring the brilliance of your smile, contact your Central London dentist and ask about Enlighten tooth whitening.

Restore confidence in your smile with bleaching from City of London dentist

Teeth can easily be affected by discolouration and staining. This can happen because of  lifestyle choices you make, such as smoking, from food and drink you ingest (with red wine and coffee being particularly big culprits) or simply just due to age and decay. The teeth are discoloured as staining substances and plaque gradually seep into the surface enamel of the teeth. Once this has happened the effects cannot be removed by natural cleaning. It will need a special procedure to return the teeth to their original colour.

Luckily, unlike about ten or twenty years ago, having a teeth whitening treatment is no longer as expensive as it was and is now available from all City of London dentists. Teeth whitening is a form of bleaching that uses a substance called hydrogen peroxide. This is applied to the teeth and left to seep into the enamel. This bleaches the discoloured areas and makes them look a more healthy and natural.

Whitening the teeth can even take years off your appearance as having whiter teeth is associated with youth. Treatments start from as little as sixty pounds depending on the extent of treatment needed. They last from anything between half an hour to an extended treatment carried out over several days or even weeks. It is even possible in some circumstances for the dentist to prepare special trays that can be used at home, making the treatment even more convenient.

Ask your dentist about the possibilities of teeth whitening at your next appointment. It could be just the lift your smile has needed and will hopefully restore your confidence in your smile, which is very important.

City of London dentist shows what cosmetic dentistry could do for you

We all have parts of our bodies that we don’t particularly like. This could be a little excess weight around the hips or possibly even the colour of our hair. However, these are things that we can change either by dieting or by changing hair colour. But what happens when you have teeth that you don’t like? Crooked, stained or uneven teeth that really spoil the appearance of the smile – what can be done to change these aspects of your appearance? The answer is cosmetic dentistry.

Until about forty years ago, dentistry was purely a functional affair designed and utilised to protect and preserve the health of your teeth. But dentists soon began to realise that they could actually improve the condition of the teeth using various procedures. This led to the introduction of treatments such as tooth whitening and dental veneers which improved both the alignment and the colour of the teeth.

Over the years, as technology improved, so did the dental treatments that were offered to patients. Initially expensive new treatments were soon absorbed into the mainstream and normalised. The prices came down and more and more people decided they wanted to have treatment. After all, the smile is a very important part of your appearance and can really affect first impressions.

City of London dentists now offer a wide range of treatments capable of achieving amazing results with even the most difficult of teeth. There is virtually no set of teeth that could not be drastically improved with a number of cosmetic procedures. To find out more about cosmetic dentistry and what it could do for your teeth, make an appointment with a City of London dentist.

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