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What braces to choose in London

Braces- for some they can look ungainly, create problems when eating and can single you out for mockery for years, especially in the school play ground. They can also cause gum disease, so keeping an eye on oral hygiene is a must. Not the most inviting of reasons to have them then, you may think. But ask any dentist in London- braces are an essential procedure in teeth growth, rectifying the misalignment between teeth and bite, straightening teeth and once removed, you have a cosmetically pleasing smile. Each mouth is different and the level of work required can affect the choice of brace suitable for the treatment. X-rays, digital photographs and impressions are taken to determine the work required. Teeth can often be extracted to make room for movement before the fitting of the braces and once in, it may take some time to get used to them, initially causing problems and reactions in the mouth. Cosmetically, there are many systems to choose from, depending on what your level of straightening is required. They start from the basic, train track silver fittings to gold, ceramic, sapphire and Invisalign (clear and invisible), depending on your requirements for vanity. Also available are Inman aligners that straighten front teeth only. If the braces are permanent, oral hygiene is of the utmost importance and dedicated brushes are on the market for this job.

Revolutionary teeth straightening with Six Month smile from City of London dentist

Six Month Smile braces are a revolutionary new form of orthodontic straightening device that combines proven and traditional straightening methods with new materials and techniques to produce stunning results in just six months. For many years, orthodontic straightening was dominated by the fixed metal brace, which though effective had many obvious and unpleasant side effects. These ranged from the aesthetic impact to the irritation they often caused and painful tightening appointments.

Six Month Smile treatments are based on tried and tested methods but they have made improvements that have significantly improved the treatment. Most obviously is the time factor. Traditional braces could take as long as three years to be fully effective. This treatment time has been slashed by the Six Month brace. Six Month braces have also improved on the aesthetic appearance of braces, using clear and white coloured plastic and ceramic materials to make the brackets and wires. They are also smaller and so look a lot less intrusive in the mouth.

The brace also uses a lower level of force which means they are not as painful and don’t require as many tightening appointments. The reason Six Month is able to achieve all this is because they focus their attention on the parts of the dental arc that can be seen when smiling. This makes them perfect for teenagers and young professionals keen to put the finishing touches to their smiles. For more information, make an appointment to see a City of London dentist. They can provide you with more details about how the braces work and give you some idea of your suitability and cost.

See for yourself how far brace technology has come with the Six Month Smile brace from a City of London dentist.

Orthodontic straightening with Invisalign from City of London dentist

When you think of the perfect smile you think of healthy looking, pink gummed, white teeth all in a straight line. Looking after your teeth and gums with oral hygiene will keep the gums pink and the teeth white but there is little you can do naturally to ensure the teeth are straight. For the many patients who naturally have crooked or misaligned teeth, it can often be very frustrating that they cannot have the smile they really want. This is why so many patients turn to orthodontic treatment such as braces to straighten the teeth.

The traditional fixed metal braces are very effective but they also have a number of drawbacks. These include: the length of treatment, the aesthetic impact of the braces and the comfort issue. However, patients were often without much choice as they were few other effective options. That was until about 10 years ago when people really started to focus on improving orthodontic treatment and addressing some of these concerns.

One of the key breakthroughs made was called Invisalign. These were a series of clear, one millimetre thick plastic braces that could not only straighten teeth just as effectively as metal braces but could do it six months faster and with minimal visual impact. Each Invisalign retainer is worn for about three weeks before being replaced by another. Each time, small adjustments gradually manoeuvre the teeth into a straighter, more desirable position. In total, there are between twenty and thirty retainers need for the average treatment meaning that it will usually take around 18 months.

The other major benefit of the Invisalign system from a City of London dentist is that the braces are completely removable. This makes cleaning the teeth far easier and lessens the chances of discolouration during orthodontic treatment.

Fast acting braces from City of London dentist

In the past, straightening teeth almost inevitably meant having to wear the traditional style metal fixed braces, commonly known as train track braces. While effective, these braces also had several very noticeable drawbacks. Not only were they not the most pleasant to look at, but they also posed problems when it came to teeth cleaning. Regular tightening sessions made the braces painful and the metal could also cause irritation to the soft tissue lining of the cheek. However, by far and away the most common complaint was that the length of treatment was often excessive. In some cases, patients had to wear the braces for up to three years, which is a substantial period of time.

However, in recent years there have been major developments in the field of orthodontic teeth straightening. New braces have come on to the market that have addressed all of these old issues and more. Braces such as the Inman aligner for example, offer a more discreet straightening experience with the incredible bonus being the treatment time is only a quarter of the average time with fixed metal braces.

Other braces such as the Six Month Smile offer similar incredibly fast straightening. Braces such as the Damon system and Invisalign are not quite as speedy in the straightening stakes but they still beat the traditional braces by a comfortable six months. They also have other benefits in terms of incredible discretion and comfort. You can learn more about all these orthodontic devices and more at your next appointment with a City of London dentist.

The many styles of braces available at Central London dentist

Misaligned teeth are very common and can really spoil the appearance of the smile. This can lead to self-confidence and self-esteem issues if not corrected. As you are probably aware, the treatment for misaligned or crooked teeth involves using dental braces. However, you probably aren’t aware of the many different types of orthodontic braces there are on the market and how each has its own very distinct advantage.

For many years, the only treatment option that was really available was the traditional train-track fixed metal braces. These were effective but let’s be honest, they weren’t the most attractive things to look at and treatment time could be as long as three years, which is quite a sacrifice. Modern orthodontic treatments have aimed to reduce this treatment time as well as addressing the aesthetic issues that also came with conventional braces.

Straighteners such as the Inman aligner and Invisalign have been specifically designed to be far more discreet than fixed metal braces. Particularly the Invisalign treatment, which involves a series of clear plastic retainers that are virtually invisible in the mouth. The Inman aligner offers treatment times up to three quarters shorter than the average treatment with fixed braces.

Other modern braces such as Six Month Smile and Damon aim to provide a more comfortable treatment free of the painful tightening appointments that were common with train track braces. The Damon brace’s revolutionary self-ligating wires mean that fewer appointments are needed which is far more convenient. You can find out more about the various orthodontic treatments by asking a Central London dentist at your next check up.

Discover the different braces available from London dentist

Everybody is familiar with braces, as they have become more and more prevalent over the last two decades. More young people are now able to benefit from the straightening effects of braces and have the beautiful smile that they want.

Braces are needed for a number of different reasons. Teeth are often overcrowded due to a lack of room in the dental arc, which causes the teeth to be forced together. This makes the teeth rotate and move out of alignment. This can often spoil the appearance of a smile, even if the teeth are clean and in good condition. The reverse is also true, that the teeth have too much room between them causing unsightly spaces between the teeth. All alignment issues can cause disruptions to the bite and profile of the patient, which can be both painful and have long-term consequences for facial structure.

There are many different types of brace available on the market, each with its own distinct advantage and selling point. In fact, over the last fifteen years or so, there has been an incredible improvement in brace technology and there are now brace treatments available that offer incredibly fast results, discreet straightening and also treatment with a greater degree of comfort.

For example, the Inman aligner and Six Month Smile braces can straighten teeth up to three quarters faster than regular braces and with equally stunning results. Invisalign braces are made of clear plastic and offer incredibly discreet teeth straightening, which is perfect for patients who don’t want to sacrifice their appearance but still want straighter teeth. To find out more about the variety of braces and possible benefits for your or your child’s teeth, make an appointment to discuss treatment with a London dentist. They will run through all the brace options available to you and offer advice on which may be the most suitable.

Fast, discreet straightening with Six Month Smile braces from City of London dentist

There are many different types of braces and teeth aligners on the market today, each offering a different advantage over the other orthodontic straighteners. But there is one brace that offers all round treatment that is both effective and fast.

Six Month Smile braces were developed in the US about a decade ago and are currently sweeping the UK, rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for many patients and dentists. The main advantages they offer to patients are that treatment takes on average about six months (hence the clever name), around 75 per cent shorter than most conventional treatments. The wires and brackets used in Six Month braces are also smaller and tooth coloured so they are much more discreet than most other traditional braces and even most modern ones.

Six Month Smile braces also aim to straighten the teeth gently without the need for painful tightening appointments and large amounts of discomfort, which can be one of the main drawbacks of wearing braces. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they cost about half the price of other orthodontic treatment, which is obviously a huge advantage especially when you are not losing any effectiveness of treatment.

Patients need braces for many different alignment reasons. It could be due to overcrowding or even too much space between the teeth in the dental arc. There are also a number of bite issues that need to be corrected with straightening. The Six Month Smile braces work by attaching small and discreet brackets to the teeth and attaching these with a thin wire. This wire gradually moves the teeth into the desired, straighter position. Not all patients are suitable for Six Month Smile treatment, so make an appointment with a City of London dentist to see if you could benefit from these incredible new braces.

Teeth straightening and what it involves, by a London dentist

A London dentist has spoken out in favour of the modern methods of teeth straightening. The latest methods are the Inman Aligner and the Invisalign brace, both of which are very successful at what they are designed to do, and that is to straighten teeth and make the process as easy as possible, says a London dentist. The Inman is designed to take care of the front teeth, that`s it`s speciality and it does this by having all its pressure points built into the inside of the brace. Both braces have unique qualities; the Invisalign is an invisible brace and can straighten both front and back teeth. Both braces are made using the same technology, they start life as a series of digital photos taken by the dentist, and along with a mould of the teeth, these are scanned into a computer. The program calculates the pressure points and then produces a scale and a 3D film. The film helps the patient and the dentist to see the end result even before the treatment has started, the calculations will assist the orthodontist in making the braces in advance. Every two weeks the dentist will change the braces and watch the film to see that the program is working. The braces are removable by the patient for eating and cleaning the teeth, gone are the days when a brace was framed onto the teeth. The design also allows the blood flow to be altered, this is important as it will encourage new bone growth on the jaw line. This will then act as a buffer to stop the moved tooth from moving back into its old position.

Revolutionary Six Month Smile brace from Central London dentist

Orthodontics has undergone something of a revolution in the last ten years. There are a number of new straightening tools on the market to suit the needs of all patients. One of the latest and most impressive is called the Six Month Smile braces, so called because it aims to straighten teeth in only six months. Thanks to new braces such as Six Month Smile, many patients are finally changing the way they feel about wearing a brace.

Many patients have been put off in the past because of the unsightly appearance of braces but the Six Month Smile brace has taken a modern approach addressing and improving these issues. Still retaining the straightening power of a traditional fixed metal brace, the Six Month Smile brace has tried to give it more of an aesthetic twist.

Maintaining the same amount of power without using the same amount of force is the key to the Six Month Smile’s success in providing a more comfortable straightening experience. They have also designed the brace to have clear fixed brackets and tooth coloured wires, making it seem a lot less imposing in the mouth, one of the main complaints against old fixed braces. In fact, it is quite hard to see the Six Month brace unless standing very close to the patient.

Many patients therefore find that the Six Month Smile causes far less disruption to their life than they had previously imagined. More comfortable and less visually intrusive but still capable of producing stunning straight teeth and a beautiful smile, ask your Central London dentist about the very latest in orthodontic straightening.

Correct crooked teeth with veneers from Central London dentist

Many people have slightly crooked teeth which is not serious enough to warrant orthodontic teeth straightening with fixed metal braces. Temporary aligners may be an option for minor straightening issues but these can often take months and involve all the discomfort of wearing a brace. One other alternative is to have a set of porcelain veneers designed and manufactured to eliminate the uneven teeth.

Modern veneer technology means that by using digital x-rays and computer guided machinery, veneers can be made and fitted in a single visit to the dentist completely changing the appearance of your teeth in an afternoon. This has a significant advantage over the months it may take with orthodontic aligners. It also has the advantage of restoring the colour of your teeth as veneers can be chosen to have a whitening effect on your teeth.

Porcelain is incredibly strong which adds a dimension of protection to your teeth and also has a slightly translucent appearance similar to that of tooth enamel for added realism. Veneers are fixed in place using a resin bonding that is also tooth coloured. A whole arc of porcelain veneers can completely transform the appearance of crooked, worn or discoloured teeth. Modern veneers are also designed to be incredibly thin so that they require little or no enamel removal prior to fixing.

Porcelain veneers are available from most Central London dentists and vary in price according to the extent of treatment and nature of materials used. Ask about veneers at your next appointment and see what they could do for your teeth.

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