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Central London’s answer to tricky procedures: Waterlase

As dentistry gets up to speed with technology in central London, then treatments become more refined and painless, and there is no better example of this than Waterlase. Laser techniques have made an incredible impact on modern dental procedures and they have eradicated some very painful treatments such as root canal or gum shaping: Waterlase is the perfect example of this. It can be used for basic fillings to complex tooth decay situations and is very radical in the way it works. A laser is very precise and quick; there is no aggression to the affected area that would normally be caused by drilling or the use of a scalpel and within seconds, the situation can be rectified. Whilst the laser is burning out any issues, the Waterlase will also cool the surrounding areas with a water jet; the treatment is incredibly painless so it removes the need for anaesthetics and this is only good for you because it gives you the best treatment for your mouth on the market today.



‘Wicked’ Waterlase hits the dental surgeries of London

Fillings and root canal treatment were often a painful set of treatments in the past and could often leave you in pain and feeling like you had just been mugged in London: the old drilling and slicing techniques- not very nice at all. Thankfully though, technology has made its pretty little way into dental surgeries and there is a cracker in the form of WaterLase. This can do all of the above in just a few seconds: it fires a laser at any problem whilst also shooting water out to take the heat out of the treatment. It is not only fast, it is excitingly efficient- and painless to boot because of this efficiency. It truly is one of the modern wonder treatments in the dental surgery today and so whenever you get this done to any problems in your mouth; relax, sit back, because you won’t feel a thing at all and believe it- you are in safe hands with this.


London dentists offer painless dental procedures with Waterlase

The thought of a painful dental procedure is enough to put people off getting that work done in their mouth that know they ought to get done. For some, even the sound of a dental drill fills them with fear and they would rather not visit the dentists’ at all. But if work is needed then you should have it done so that the problem doesn’t get any worse than it already is. Thankfully, a revolutionary new technique is being widely utilised by dentists and it ought to allay many of peoples’ fears about dental procedures.

The Waterlase technique is like a dream come true for those who don’t like dental drills. It uses the power of targeted jets of water instead of the drill. Many of the same problems can be dealt with but in a way that is so much more comfortable than before. Cavity, protection, caries removal and some gum procedures can all now be carried out with Waterlase.

What patients who have experiences Waterlase say is that there are no more unpleasant vibrations and the unfortunate tendency of drills to overheat is a thing of the past with Waterlase procedures. The cold water that is used in the technique is far more comfortable for the patient.

But Waterlase is not only water, it actually harnesses the power of lasers too. This makes it far more efficient than many traditional methods, allowing dentists to target the exact spot requiring treatment with incredible accuracy.

If you require work done on a cavity or some small caries that have developed, but are anxious about treatment using a drill, then you should talk to your London dentist about the amazing results that can be gained from using Waterlase.

Painless Dentistry in Central London with Waterlase

The invention of the laser has had as much of an impact in central London as the computer. It’s used in all walks of life, from engineering, to lighting displays through to medical procedures. So, it was only a matter of time before it found its way into the dentist’s surgery, in the form of Waterlase. Traditional drilling produces vibration and can lead to minute cracks in the teeth and generates a lot of heat in the process whereas laser surgery is extremely precise an accurate and eliminates all of these problems with one very attractive bonus- it’s very fast and almost painless, hence eliminating the need for anaesthetics. Using a laser to treat decayed areas in the mouth virtually eliminates bleeding and post surgery damage. It is perfect for cavity and root canal treatment doing the job of a drill with more accuracy and far less stresses on the surrounding tooth. Waterlase is also becoming more widely used in dental implant surgery, allowing the implant to be placed precisely, causing minimal damage to the surrounding gum tissue and shortening healing times. Finally, a laser also eliminates the need of a scalpel that can seriously cause damage to gum tissue, thus making it perfect for gum contouring to eliminate the gummy smile.

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