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Treat tooth decay with filling from Central London dentist

The important thing about treating tooth decay is that the earlier it is carried out, the easier it is and the more successful it will usually be. Dental decay is not a condition that will ever improve of its own accord. Enamel will never grow back once it has been removed and once the process has started it will only worsen making the situation more serious.

Patients can prevent tooth decay by effective and regular brushing and flossing and by paying regular visits to the dentist. However, if decay does happen it is usually accompanied by a toothache as the sensitive dental nerve is exposed to extremes of hot and cold and other stimuli. Early stage treatment of dental decay involves filling the cavities caused by plaque eroding the protective enamel. Filling material used to be commonly made of silver amalgam but due to controversy about its safety and metallic appearance in the mouth it is increasingly being replaced by composite bonding, which is tooth-coloured. The dentist will first clean the cavity and remove any infected material or bacteria that is in there. The cavity is then filled and set hard to protect the tooth.

For larger cavities it may be necessary to use a porcelain inlay as bonding can become brittle in large areas. The inlay will be cemented into place using bonding. For even larger damage and root canal treatments it may be necessary to cover the whole tooth exposed above the gum with a ceramic dental crown to offer a larger degree of protection. If you suspect dental decay or are suffering from a toothache, make an appointment to see a Central London dentist for treatment.

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