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Root Canal Awareness week broadens attitudes towards dentistry

Root Canal Awareness week spans 27th March to 2nd April and aims to put to flight myths about root canal treatment.

In general, most people would not choose to loose a tooth through infection. However, root canal treatment, to help preserve a natural tooth is considered an unpopular option. One reason for this is due to common misconceptions about root canal treatment. Recently, a survey conducted by the American Association of Endodontists found that despite 70% of respondents fearing the loss of a tooth and 70% were also fearful of root canal treatment.

In response to these findings, Root Canal Awareness week seeks to allay fears of this important dental procedure. A team of general dentists and endodontists released a selection of clinical resources to act as guidelines for fellow dental professionals in the field. They hope to help dentists deliver the most effective treatment for patients. This will act as a helpful aid to saving teeth and encouraging endodontic treatments.

There are also intentions to educate the general public in this important procedure. It is thought that patients lack the access to knowledge to thoroughly understand the treatment options available to them, and the risks involved. It is hoped that there will be an increase in the awareness of root canal treatment and endodontists will work closely with general dentists to offer the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

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