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Find Out What The New Contract Means

The proposed new NHS dental contract which the government is currently trialling is to be discussed at seminars across the county. This will allow dentists to find out first hand what exactly is being asked of them.

The seminars are being organised by Denplan, the well known private dental health insurance company with the theme entitled Viewpoint

The aim is to give dentists the opportunity to find out more about the proposals and discuss relevant issues arising.

For those who are unable to attend the seminars, Denplan has created a web forum where dentists can air their views.

Speaking with reporters, Roger Matthews, Denplan’s chief dental officer, said: “Many dentists have been left in the dark when it comes to the new NHS dental contract.”

Mr. Matthews added: “These Viewpoint seminars have been designed so that dental professionals can find out exactly what the proposed changes to the contract will mean for them and their practices and have their say in the matter, so I would urge everyone to get involved.”

Ever since the last Labour Government implemented its own new contract many dentists left the NHS in disgust. However since then, NHS dentistry has been growing quite quickly, although with cuts to the NHS in general, things appear to have stalled.

The seminars themselves start on the 20th March at Dartford and the last one will take place in Gateshead on the 1st May.

There are 7 meetings in all.

Dental Insurance Group Offers Laptops To Ugandan Charity

Well known British dental insurance company Denplan has given 15 laptops to a Ugandan charity – Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QECP). The latter is twinned with the Ugandan National Parks system.

Speaking with reporters about this generous offering, Mark Saines, a volunteer ranger at QECP, said: “As the Ugandan National Parks are spread across many hundreds of square miles, the opportunity existed to expand the twinning project to incorporate schools in both Uganda and the UK.”

Mark added: “The laptops donated by Denplan will be shipped to Uganda for distribution among its schools, and the children can use them to interact with schools here – so it’s a really exciting project for people on both sides.”

Over the past few decades Uganda has gone through many troubles of its own. It is hoped that this donation by Denplan will help forge links between children in Uganda and Britain as well as encourage children in the country to learn about their area and see what it has to offer.

The handover of the laptops took place at a local British primary school – Clanfield Junior School. The head teacher Mr Pickering said: “The children here are very excited about being involved in the twinning project in Uganda and it’s great for them to get first-hand knowledge of a completely different continent and culture, directly from the children living there.”

He added: “Children in the UK are really privileged, with easy access to technology and resources, so it’s great for them to get a comparison and to realise that children from poorer parts of the world are just the same as them.

“We can’t wait for the laptops to get to Uganda, so that we can start communicating and learning more about each other.” Echoing these comments, the Ugandan High Commissioner, Joan Rwabyomere receiving the generous donation said she hopes many children from Britain will in the future visit Uganda to see what a beautiful country it is.

Ms Rwabyomere also thanked Denplan for their kind offer.

Houses of Parliament to Launch an Official Mouth Cancer Action Month

Organised by the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF), a month long campaign to improve education concerning mouth cancer will be officially launched on the 25th October by MPs of all parties.

Supported by the insurance company Denplan, the aim is to raise awareness of one simple fact – 6,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with mouth cancer this year alone, with around 30,000 people dying from the disease over the next decade. But it can be prevented by proper oral hygiene, dental care and lifestyle changes.

The launch will start with a gathering of MPs and other interested parties. Speeches will be made by a number of leading lights in the dental profession. These include the chief executive of the BDHF, Dr. Nigel Carter, President Daniel Davis and Dr. Saman Warnakulasuriya. Also due to make a speech is a former mouth cancer sufferer Cllr Sally Bragg.

Speaking with reporters, Dr. Carter said: “Getting people to talk about mouth cancer is incredibly important.

“We have had a tremendous response to the campaign, particularly in the last couple of years, but we must work harder to ensure this year’s campaign can build on that success.

“The launch will be a fitting way to kick-start the month. It is a breathtaking setting of which to stage such an event, and I hope to see many of the well-known figures in dentistry there–from members of the trade press to those involved directly in the profession; all of who can help raise awareness of mouth cancer.”

Mouth or oral cancer is in large part preventable. Simply stopping smoking or ingesting any form of tobacco can cut the risk phenomenally. Other preventable causes include excessive drinking and too much exposure to ultraviolet light. The latter is often a major cause of lip cancer.

A weakened immune system is also a major risk factor.

As well as changes in lifestyle, dentists advocate regular dental check ups as well as checking for potential signs such as ulcers that don’t heal themselves.

And of course, the old valuable advice – eat healthily.

Denplan and The British Dental Health Foundation join forces

The well known dental insurance company – Denplan and the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) have decided to team up to raise awareness of oral cancer. The Mouth Cancer Action Month which started this week aims to educate the general public about the vital importance of oral health.

The BDHF and Denplan point out that oral cancer actually kills more people than either testicular cancer or cervical cancer. As such, they are calling on dentists, pharmacists and others to get involved in this important campaign.

Recent figures published by dental health professionals say in the UK alone around 6000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year. As such the education campaign needs to be stepped up.

Speaking with reporters, the chief executive of the BDHF, Dr Nigel Carter, said: “If the profession can inform and urge patients that regularly attending checkups increases the chances of mouth cancer being detected at an early stage, together we can help to raise awareness of this killer disease.”

He added: “Incidences of mouth cancer have increased by more than 45% in the last 10 years, and nine in ten people survive mouth cancers caught early yet the five year survival rate remains as low as 50%.

“Encouraging patients to perform self-diagnosis such as looking for ulcers which do not heal within three weeks and red or white patches or unusual changes in the mouth, can also help towards early detection.”

The campaign organisers are not just relying on the help of dentists and other medical professionals. In Scotland, the group has managed to enlist the help of Clyde Football Club.

Commenting on this Dr. Carter said: “It is a great honour to have Clyde Football Club sponsoring Mouth Cancer Action. It’s well documented that Scots suffer worst with mouth cancer than any other part of the UK, so it is fantastic to see such a positive step in raising awareness of the disease and will hopefully encourage others to follow suit.”

Echoing these comments, Director and club dentist of Clyde Football Club, David MacPherson said: “It’s always been an aim of mine to be pro-active when it comes to spreading the message of prevention. When the opportunity to work with the Foundation arose to promote Mouth Cancer Action Month, it was one we simply could not turn down.”

He added: “As a Community Interest Club, it gives me great delight in knowing that wearing the blue ribbon on our shirts and raising awareness of the disease that we’re giving something back to the community.

“We are particularly looking forward to start of the campaign itself, as there will be plenty of activity around that time.”

Denplan donates to Comic Relief with a laugh and a smile

Comic Relief. The day when a large proportion of the population tries their hand at being a clown. There are red roses on everything from children to cars to pets, and everybody is up for a giggle in lieu of raising money for charity.

At Denplan, the staff were racking up cash for the charity whilst having a laugh. On 18 March, staff members made donations in honour of Comic Relief for the opportunity to dress in all red. Taking the chance for a wardrobe break and running with it, many of the staff went beyond the usual red tees and donned extravagant costumes, hats and busy red clown hair.

Outfits weren’t the only money-making avenues for Denplan this year. The “tea ladies” pushed through trolley around the offices on the day, raising more than £300 before lunch selling homemade cakes and biscuits. But the real icing on the cake came later on in the afternoon in the form of a bucket full of beans.

Denplan’s Customer Services Manager, Neil Warren, volunteered to be the recipient of a bucket full of baked beans and tinned spaghetti. No, this wasn’t Warren’s tea, this bucket was dumped over his head compliments of the highest bidder!

Warren said, “Comic Relief really is a worthy charity and if I have to get a bucket of beans over my head to raise money, then so be it!”

All the beans, biscuits and buns helped Denplan secure a £650 donation for the cause!

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