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Posts tagged “early detection”

Mouth Cancer Foundation Urges Free Screening

Dental health professionals have spoken out about the importance of detecting mouth cancer as early as possible. It is a priority to patients across the UK according to the growing fear of The Mouth Cancer Foundation. It has suggested clinics give patients free examinations to check for any signs in the hope of catching it early.

To raise awareness of nearly 8000 people in the UK with mouth cancer, Mouth Cancer Awareness Day, supported by the Mouth Cancer Foundation through their Screening Accreditation Scheme has recommended the proposals to identify members of the public who are most at risk, such as smokers.

Ever since Pat Jones lost her daughter to tongue cancer she has vowed to highlight the dangers of a cancer less familiar to the general public. Her daughter Claire, who passed away in 2007, was studying at University at Loughborough when the original diagnosis of tongue cancer occurred in 2003. A reconstructive operation made use of part of her forearm and tissue from her neck to replace the right half of her tongue.

It was discovered in 2007 however, that Clare had developed secondary bone cancer and despite undergoing chemotherapy, the MRI scan did not show any signs of the illness slowing and the disease eventually spread to her brain and took her life.

Dr Phillip Lewis understands the benefits of the screening process clinics can offer, believing it vital in the process of detecting mouth cancer at its early stages.

Five reasons why you shouldn’t avoid the dentist

It’s easy to ignore dental appointments and many of us only go when it is unavoidably necessary, when we are in pain or in need of major work. Going to the dentist when it is convenient for us instead of adhering to the suggested regularly scheduled visits can be detrimental to our dental health and can lead to irreversible problems.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t avoid the dentist:

  1. When you have dental insurance or access to government dental facilities such as NHS dentistry. In these situations, you are already paying for the dental treatment whether you receive it or not and, if you need it, it is best to receive it.
  2. Visiting the dentist protects more than your mouth. It’s true, research has linked poor dental hygiene with heart and other medical problems. Keeping your mouth clean will help prolong your life.
  3. To prevent disease and cancer. Visiting your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups can help to prevent life-threatening oral cancers and gum diseases which can go unnoticed, causing serious damage.
  4. Early detection makes a huge difference. Detecting dental problems early allows you to ward off more serious risks and ailments. It also means less time in the dentist’s chair and less pain.
  5. When you want to improve your smile. Visiting the dentist can be a great way to improve your appearance, especially your smile. No one has to live with unsightly, crooked teeth and less-than-perfect smiles. A quick visit to a cosmetic dentist and you could be on your way to a stunning new smile!

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