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Posts tagged “endodontist”

Dentist disciplined and ordered to undergo more training

A dentist from town of Manlius in New York has been disciplined by the state Education Department after she fractured a patient’s jaw and even left instruments behind during root canal procedures.

Dr Deepika Reddy, who works at the East Syracuse Family Dental Arts Clinic, has been banned temporarily by the state from practising endontics, which includes root canal procedures, until she has returned to the University of Buffalo Dental School to be retrained. The ban also cover any oral surgery, such a tooth extractions, and Dr Reddy has been fined $1,000 for her negligence.

Reddy admitted the state’s charge that she had practised dentistry with negligence on several different occasions and agreed to the punishment that was imposed by the state Board of Regents, which also includes a partial suspension of her licence.

The charges included a list of the procedures that Reddy had carried out between 2005 and 2010 that had gone wrong, leaving many patients in extreme pain and needing to seek further dental treatment to fix her mistakes. The list included; fracturing the jaws of two different patients while attempting to remove teeth; trying to carry out a complicated extraction that she was not qualified to perform and failing to remove all the decayed tissue during a root canal, causing the patient sever pain.

On three occasions, Dr Reddy managed to break the files she was using during a root canal procedure and accidentally left the pieces of the instruments in patient’s teeth after the treatment was over. In two of those cases she actually treated the patients affected again on a different occasion and didn’t even notice that the broken files were still there, stuck in the teeth.

Dentists Back New Product

Leading dentists are already giving their backing to a new cutting edge product that is claimed to be “the ultimate dentine substitute”. Dentine is one of the substances that makes up the structure of a tooth, needed to support the enamel layer.

Biodentine was launched by manufacturer Septodont in September this year and has already been well received by dentists who see it as an ideal bioactive substitute where the natural dentine layer has been damaged, either in the crown or the root.

The new substance is better than the previous treatments as it promotes the healing of the pulp layer of the tooth, which often also becomes damaged if there are problems with dentine. Biodentine has the same properties as natural dentine and so works more effectively than previous products used in root canal surgery.

Dental surgeons all over the country have already started using biodentine to treat patients, and even in the short time it has been available on the UK market it is already improving the success of the various treatments to replace dentine layers in teeth.

Well-known endodontist Dr Julian Webber described Biodentine as “the perfect root canal repair material,” adding; “With its improved handling ability and quick setting time, Biodentine offers considerable advantages over other similar materials. I cannot recommend it more highly.”

Dental students at the University of Liverpool will find that the product will be introduced into their training as one of their professors is convinced that Biodentine will become the standard in root canal treatment in years to come. Professor Calum Youngson said of the product, “Biodentine finally provides us with a material that closely resembles lost dentine and has the potential to promote, rather than just allow, healing of the pulpitc tooth.”

Biodentine is not currently used at all dental surgeries across the UK, but will become more widely available, especially for private patients, over the next few months.

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