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No Guarantee Of Happiness After Cosmetic Dental Work

18625044Cosmetic dentistry along with plastic surgery has grown tremendously over the last 10 years.

Many people with dental problems such as crooked or missing teeth can now get treatment at a reasonable cost.

However recent research by health psychologists suggests that getting treatment is no guarantee to put the smile back on a patient’s face.

Seemingly the happiest patients were those who were happy prior to treatment. This appears to contradict the common sense view that people who are unhappy with their dental appearance will become happy afterwards.

Lead researchers, Sharmila Sarin and Dr Koula Asimakopoulou who carried out a personality test on 60 participants said that they were looking at how patients perceive their psychological wellbeing, and whether this changes after cosmetic dental treatment.

The health psychologists looked at how the individual’s personality changes or not prior to any treatment being performed. The 4 personality dimensions are neuroticism – psychoticism and introversion – extraversion based on the earlier work of Hans Eysenck.

A person who is described as neurotic for instance would worry unnecessarily about treatment.

It has been generally thought that people who undergo any form of cosmetic procedure do so to try and improve their self-esteem. This latest research seems to confirm other research that this is not the case in most people.

In short, those with low self-esteem may not improve this aspect of their personality just by having cosmetic dental or medical surgery.

Cosmetic Dentistry-What Exactly is Available?

Most people these days are aware what cosmetic or plastic surgery means, but how many people are truly aware of what procedures are now available for cosmetic dentistry? Perhaps more important though is how many people are aware that many dentists in the UK also offer cosmetic dentistry as part of their overall practice procedures?

The most common cosmetic dentistry procedures include teeth straightening and teeth whitening.

But there is a wide range of different procedures for different dental problems. For example, discoloured teeth can be ‘permanently whitened’ without bleaching, with tooth veneers. Admittedly this is probably more expensive and more time consuming, but it is not harmful to either the patient or environment.

An alternative is dental bonding – useful for treating stubborn tooth stains and to fill in chipped teeth.

Veneers are also useful for helping patients with crooked teeth, but patients with severe orthodontic needs are most likely to benefit from braces fitted. For tooth replacement there are crowns and bridges, but for a more advanced level of restoration you could be fitted with dental implants.

Like traditional medical plastic surgery, cosmetic dental procedures are useful for those who want to look and feel good.

And why not? People living in the 21st century no longer need to live with all the psychological problems often associated with dental health problems. In some ways cosmetic dentistry is more important than cosmetic surgery.

But how do you find out where to go? Perhaps the obvious answer is to your own dentist first. If he or she doesn’t carry out cosmetic dentistry, they are likely to know someone who does in the local area.

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