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Dental Discounts are Just a Click Away

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Online companies offering discount offers have taken the internet by storm. Big corporations rely on downloadable discounts to bolster traffic to their website and to increase their sales. From restaurants to spa treatments, short breaks to grocery bills, internet users can find a plethora of online discounts available to them. The latest to join the ever-increasing list of eligible sectors for discounts is dentistry.

Although the concept may seem strange, president of one such dental discount website, Jenn Stoll says that it serves a purpose. “Giving consumers that same type of online access to discounts on dental care procedures can help people keep up with dental appointments rather than cut it from their budgets.”

Savings on dental discounts can range from 10 to 60 percent on procedures such as routine exams, root canals, cleanings and crowns. The plans do not represent dental insurance. Instead, they are coupons that can be cashed in for goods and spent accordingly.

Of course, terms and conditions may apply and users are heeded to check any terms and conditions before embarking on the use of the facilities.