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USA investigating fillings

The US Food and Drug Administration is launching a further investigation into the safety of amalgam fillings after groups across the country expressed their concerns about the safety of mercury in oral healthcare treatments.

While modern patients are often choosing to have teeth filled with a more natural-looking ceramic product, mercury fillings have been common over the years and are still the standard option in a lot of dental surgeries. However, there are various concerns about the safety of these amalgam fillings, both when they are in the body and how they are disposed of after being taken out.

The FDA is to hold a public meeting in Maryland to discuss the issue. Attending will be representatives of the dental profession, university professors, who have studied the effects of mercury on the both human body and the environment, lawyers and a patient who said she had her amalgam fillings taken out after they caused her to suffer from serious health problems.

Holly Hruska had her amalgam fillings removed in 2004 following claims that they had been responsible for a string of problems with her health including chronic nausea, tremors and anxiety, constant mouth ulcers and even double vision.

Representing the other point of view at the public meeting will be Dr Robert Baratz of Massachusetts, he is among the many dental professionals and health experts who state that no evidence exists to suggest amalgam fillings can cause any kinds of health problems. Supporters of this conventional treatment say there is little clinical evidence to support the claims that mercury in fillings can cause patients’ health to suffer.

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