08 Aug

Be Enlightened About Our Whitening Treatments

At Baker Street Dental we offer a range of whitening treatments to give your smile some sparkle. We offer home whitening, express treatment and Enlighten, the world’s leading professional whitening system. If you long for a whiter, brighter smile or you’re looking for a solution for mild discolouration, whitening could be the answer.

Home whitening

Home whitening is a great option for those who struggle to fit dental appointments into their work and social schedule, as it takes place in the comfort of your own home. With home whitening, you are provided with a set of custom-designed whitening trays, which contain bleaching agent. These trays are designed to fit over the teeth in a similar way to a gum shield. On contact with the bleaching agent, the tooth enamel becomes lighter and whiter. We usually recommend a treatment duration of 14 days, which involves six hours of treatment per day. You can choose to wear your trays at any time of the day or night, so you can adapt your treatment to suit your daily routine. You will notice a difference shortly after treatment, but the full effects will become visible after 14 days.

Express whitening

Express whitening is an excellent choice for those who can’t wait to showcase a bright new smile. Treatments such as Zoom! whitening take just one hour to lighten the smile. Treatment is painless and involves simply applying whitening agent to the teeth and then activating it using a light beam. Prior to treatment, your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly and you will then be asked to pop on a pair of goggles, lie back and relax.


Enlighten is often featured on television shows and it has an excellent reputation for creating stunning results that last for many years. Enlighten combines aspects of home and express treatments to make an amazing difference to the look of the smile. This is the only system currently available in the UK that delivers the lightest tooth shade, B1. Treatment takes 15 days and involves 14 days of home treatment using Enlighten bleaching trays followed by a 1-hour power session at the clinic. At the end of this session, you will have a dazzling new smile ready to show off to the world!
To find out more about our wonderful whitening treatments, call today and book a consultation.