07 Sep

Bleaching your Teeth in the City of London

There is no doubt when you look around the shops in the city of London that one of the biggest sellers when it comes to all things dental is that of home bleaching kits for your teeth. It is an industry that has refined its techniques and become very reliable, cheap, easy to do, effective and a ‘must have’ for anyone wishing to get their teeth white. The most obvious of these products are whitening toothpastes that can start to give results in a little as a few days. Then, you can buy bleaching strips, pens and brushes which are great for little cosmetic touch-ups. But probably the biggest revolution in home teeth bleaching has come with DIY kits: they come with bleaching trays and agents and instructions so that you can do it all in the luxury of your own home, in your own time. Of course, dentists also have a few aces up their sleeves when it comes to bleaching your teeth. The can offer you the Rolls-Royce of home bleaching in the form of Enlighten teeth whitening; they measure you up for bespoke bleaching trays and then you do the rest at home when you sleep at nights. But the real gem a dentist can offer you is laser whitening, such as Zoom. You hand over about a £100, sit in the chair and after three blasts on your teeth that lasts around and hour, you walk away with a mouthful of teeth that look as good as pure porcelain.