03 Oct

Central London dentist fixes bad teeth

People can have bad teeth because of a number of dental health and wider health complications. It can be due to genetics, poor oral hygiene, a physical trauma such as an accident or even as the result of other health conditions they may be suffering. The one thing that all of these conditions have in common is that they can be treated and cured with the numerous dental practices that have been developed, many over the last few years with the help of new technology.
Starting with one of the most obvious conditions; misalignment. Crooked or uneven teeth are easy to spot. You can see them easily and they really affect the condition of the smile. These can be relatively easily straightened with either a modern fixed brace such as a Six Month Smile or if the misalignment is less severe, with an aligner such as the Inman, which works in a matter of months.
As well as misaligned teeth, the other major problem is often the discolouration of the teeth. This again is easy to spot but can be easily treated with teeth whitening procedures such as Zoom or Enlighten. These treatments seep into the discoloured enamel and restore the teeth to their original colour. This can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of both the teeth and the patient, who will look much younger and healthier with whitened teeth.
As well as these cosmetic problems there are also structural problems such as enamel erosion and chipped or cracked teeth. In most cases these can be repaired using a substance called composite resin. This is mixed to be the same colour as the teeth before being applied and moulded to the desired shape. When this has happened, the Central London dentist can set it firm with the heat of a dental laser.