08 Oct

Discover the range of dental treatments available at London dentist

There are many conditions that can affect the teeth but fortunately thanks to technological advances in the last decade there are now as many dental treatments to correct and repair the damage. The teeth are a very necessary and important part of the body and if they become damaged they can be the source of great pain and discomfort. They can also make even the most everyday activity very unpleasant.
Some of the most common dental complaints are tooth decay and gum disease. These affect many thousands of people in the UK each year are caused by poor oral hygiene and a lack of care for the teeth. Gum disease is typified by an inflammation of the gum tissue and a soreness or redness. This will spread around the mouth in not treated in time and even has links to heart disease and fatal heart attacks. Gum disease is caused by plaque as is tooth decay. Plaque builds up around the surface of the teeth and releases acid which causes enamel erosion and ultimately dental cavities and dental infection.
These two problems can be effectively treated by a London dentist with minimal troubles, although the earlier they are treated the more effective it will be. As well as this, dentists can also treat teeth affected by cavities with composite resin fillings and dental crowns and veneers. There are also a number of cosmetic dental treatments available from London dentists which restore the appearance of the teeth without necessarily affecting the functionality. These include teeth whitening procedures such as Zoom and Enlighten and also teeth straightening treatments such as braces and tooth aligners.
You can find out more about the array of dental treatments available by asking your dentist at your next six monthly check up appointment.