20 Jun

Experience the power of Zoom whitening at City of London dentists

Sometimes when the teeth are heavily stained or discoloured, scaling and polishing from a City of London dentist is not enough to sufficiently clean them. The teeth will require a more specialised whitening treatment to restore them to a healthier colour. There are many whitening systems on the market each with different advantages and drawbacks but one of the most popular and effective is called Zoom.
Like almost all teeth whitening treatments, Zoom uses hydrogen peroxide applied to teeth in specially designed trays. The peroxide seeps into the tooth enamel gradually bleaching it white and removing any discoloured patches. This will leave the teeth up to ten shades whiter and make you look younger and healthier.
Teeth whitening treatments are available over-the-counter in pharmacies but it is always advised that you have the treatment carried out by a dentist in surgery. This is because there are some risks to the soft tissue in the mouth if used in the wrong concentration and without the necessary safety equipment.
Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments because of the stunning effects it can produce, but also because it is one of the most affordable. Treatments start from as little as sixty pounds for a basic treatment but more lengthy and concentrated treatments are also available. Being happy and comfortable with your smile is very important. Discoloured or stained teeth can really affect your self-esteem and teeth whitening provides a effective and safe answer to this problem.
The procedure does not hurt but some patients find their teeth feel a little sensitive for a few days after whitening. This will pass and can be easily treated with mild painkillers if it becomes a problem. Dentists advise that you avoid hot and cold drinks in the few days after treatment.