18 Jul

How Does Zoom! Whitening Work?

If you’re a fan of television makeover shows, you’ll probably have seen the amazing results Zoom! whitening treatment can achieve. This quick and simple treatment can transform the look of your smile in just one hour, giving your pearly whites a gorgeous shine for summer.

What is Zoom! whitening?

Zoom! whitening is a highly effective, fast-acting whitening treatment that lightens the teeth by several shades in just one hour. This in-chair treatment is painless and you don’t have to do anything except lie back and relax. Zoom! is often featured on television shows and it is also a popular choice with celebrities.

How does Zoom! whitening work?

The treatment process for Zoom! whitening couldn’t be simpler. Before you have treatment, we will explain how it works and what it involves and take a good look at your teeth to check you are a suitable candidate for treatment. When you come in for your whitening session, we will give your teeth a thorough clean, ask you to pop on a pair of goggles and lie back and relax. We will apply the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide to the teeth and then shine a lamp on the teeth. Shining the light activates the agent and enables it to gradually lighten the teeth. Treatment takes around 45-60 minutes and you won’t feel any discomfort.

What kind of results can I expect?

Zoom! whitening typically lightens the teeth by 6-10 shades. The results should last around 18-24 months and you can repeat treatment in the future or use premium home whitening products if you wish to prolong the effects.

The benefits of Zoom! whitening

Zoom! whitening is a fast and effective way to make the smile look brighter, healthier and more youthful. In just one hour this treatment can make your smile look incredible and give you a confidence boost.
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