12 Sep

London: Get a brighter smile for that next interview.

Dazzling white teeth are no longer the preserve of the stars of American films and television. Given the importance of first impressions- whether it is an interview with a prospective employer or meeting clients face to face- it is clear to see why many people are keen to look their best; especially in a competitive London job market.
There are many products available that promise whiter teeth. While these may seem easier and less time consuming than a visit to the dentist, they are often less effective and can, in some instances, damage tooth enamel. It is always best to seek professional advice and you can do this by visiting one of our London practises.
Home kits may be the best option, or it may be that you would benefit from an in-office technique such as the Zoom! ® in-office system. Zoom! ® is a clinically tested and proven tooth-whitening procedure that takes less than an hour to perform. The procedure uses a new sodium-free short arc bulb, which emits the optimal bleaching spectrum at the highest output of any chair-side whitening system. A hydrogen peroxide based gel is applied to the teeth, this begins to break down releasing oxygen into the enamel and dentin; it bleaches coloured substances leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged.
A clinical study carried out by Dr Yiming Li at Loma Linda University, and published in 2007, found that treatment was much more effective when the Zoom! ® lamp was used. The study found teeth were 48% whiter immediately compared with the use of gel alone. Another report from “The Dental Advisor” (2007) found that teeth were 44% whiter after 30 days when compared to the use of just gel.
Whether you decide to use a Zoom! ® in-office procedure, or a home-based system, you can relax knowing that people won’t be staring at your smile for the wrong reasons.