19 Dec

One hour whitening with Zoom from City of London dentist

Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most common whitening systems offered by dentists in the UK. The main reason for its popularity is that it can be performed in less than an hour, saving you time and money. Dentists are able to perform the treatment in such a short space of time because the Zoom system uses the power of a laser to activate the whitening gel. This encourages the pores on the tooth to open more readily increasing the active power of the whitening gel.
There are many whitening products to choose from, including many kits that can be bought over the counter or from the internet. Dentists always advise that patients have whitening carried out in-surgery as some whitening gels can contain highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide which can cause burning to the soft tissue of the gums and lips if applied incorrectly. Once the dentist has performed the initial appointment, they can provide you with specially prepared trays to use at home with lower concentrations of the whitening gel.
Zoom teeth whitening is capable of returning teeth to their natural healthy colour without appearing artificial or fake. Teeth become stained over time due to age and various substances such as red wine, coffee and tobacco products. Zoom whitening uses the active gel to bleach the stained parts of the enamel giving a more uniform and lighter shade to the teeth.
The cost of Zoom whitening depends on the extent of the treatment necessary and who is carrying it out. Dentists in the City of London offer Zoom teeth whitening to suitable patients in short, convenient appointments to bring back the healthy and natural colour of tooth enamel.