24 Aug

Rejuvenate your smile with Zoom teeth whitening from City of London dentist

The brightness of your smile is just as important as the condition and alignment of your teeth. Whiter teeth make us look younger as it is a subconscious sign of youth. They also make you and your smile look healthier. However, discolouration and staining can easily happen and when it does, it is almost impossible to remove with traditional cleaning methods. Coloured foods such as red wine and tea, smoking tobacco or simply just age can all dull the appearance of the enamel and make the teeth look old and unhealthy.
However, there is something that can be done to reverse the discolouration process. Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most popular whitening systems around and offered by City of London dentists as a standard treatment. This has changed from about twenty or even ten years ago when teeth whitening was solely the preserve of the rich and prohibitively expensive for the rest of us.
However, Zoom is now affordable and available with treatments starting from as little as sixty pounds. There are many different strengths and lengths of treatment that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Maybe a short one-hour whitening is all that is required or perhaps your discolouration is more serious and needs an extensive two-week daily whitening. Whatever the problem, your dentists will be able to recommend the most appropriate form of treatment.
Zoom works by applying a substance called hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the teeth. This penetrates the tooth enamel and bleaches and discolouration or stained areas. This will give the teeth a more even, white appearance. Zoom uses a special heat lamp to accelerate the whitening process.
Teeth whitening is suitable for most patients and is relatively risk free with some people only feeling a mild discomfort similar to sensitive teeth.