23 Nov
Removing the Calculus in Central London

Your teeth can be attacked by many things during your life in central London and one of the most fervent is plaque- it’s the thing that we all try to avoid when going about our daily oral hygiene. But it is a persistent thing and we only have to drop…

06 Feb
City of London Dentist Explains Dental Calculus

Dental calculus is another word for what most people might refer to as tartar. It’s a form of hardened dental plaque which results from the build-up of minerals from plaque and saliva on your teeth. To prevent plaque developing into tartar, it’s best to brush your teeth twice daily and…

23 Jan
Central London dentist cleans teeth with painless scaling and polishing

The terms scaling and polishing can sound scary especially when you know it’s happening at the dentist. In a recent survey, over 90 per cent of people in Britain admitted to having some fear of the dentist. The reality is however, that scaling and polishing are relatively painless procedures and…

21 Sep
City of London Dentist removes dental calculus to prevent gum disease

Dental calculus is more often referred to as tartar and is a hardened deposit of plaque found around the teeth and gums. Plaque is a filmy layer of bacteria that attacks tooth enamel and causes cavities and gum disease. Plaque can be kept at bay and removed by brushing teeth…

11 Sep
London Dentist Explains Dental Calculus

In London, your dentist will properly care for your dental needs to prevent calculus from forming on your teeth. Some dental plaques mature into dental calculus. Some people do not form calculus, others form only moderate amounts, and still others form heavy amounts. Before supragingival plaque (above the gums) mineralizes…

29 Aug
Have your teeth cleaned by Ultrasonic in London

Ultrasonic dental cleanings is one of the most effective and instant ways of cleaning teeth. It is a more advanced form of scaling and stain removal. All through the ultrasonic cleaning, the dentist utilizes an apparatus called an ultrasonic scaler or Cavitron®. The Cavitron® disseminates ultrasonic vibrations in the mouth…