25 Nov

White teeth fast with Zoom whitening from London dentist

Over the last decade, teeth whitening has moved form being a treatment preserved for the rich and famous to become one of the most affordable and commonplace cosmetic dentistry practices. As we get older, just as our hair loses its natural colour, so do our teeth. Eating and drinking gradually stains the enamel and our teeth begin to take on a yellow appearance. This discolouration is made worse by certain substances particularly tobacco, red wine and coffee.
Luckily, tooth whitening is able to stem this discolouration and even reverse it by making teeth up to ten shades whiter. One of the most recent developments in teeth whitening is the Zoom system. By using the heat of the Zoom Advanced Power Lamp a special whitening gel is activated providing more efficient whitening than previous whitening systems. When stimulated by the heat the gel increases the whitening process and reduces the time and number of appointments a patient will require to see results.
Obviously depending on the level of staining, Zoom can reduce the time it takes to see visibly whiter teeth by as much as 50 per cent. It is advised that the initial treatment should be carried out by a dentist in the surgery, but further treatments can be performed at home using specially prepared whitening trays from your dentist.
Patients are advised to discuss the Zoom whitening system with a London dentist prior to treatment as it is unsuitable for some people. Patients who are pregnant or undergoing treatment for cancer are not advised to use the product, as are some patients on certain kinds of medication.
If you are suitable for the Zoom system you can look forward to returning your teeth to their former glory. You could achieve the bright white smile that you always wanted in a fraction of the time of previous whitening systems.