10 Feb

Why You Should get Your Teeth Whitened in the City of London

If you live in the bustling city of London, it can be very fast paced and very competitive, and how we come across to others can influence how we get on in our professional and personal lives- how we dress, style our hair and our natural confidence are important in the city. More importantly, so is our smile and it really should be up there along with our physical and mental health. Not only are healthy white teeth proven to be more attractive to the opposite sex, but they can influence how people judge you in the workplace too. But aside from what others think of you, smiling with confidence is a great tonic to self esteem and allows you to hold your head up and express yourself with gusto. It’s not like there is any excuse to for not having white teeth either. It’s so simple and cheap to achieve and it doesn’t even have to involve the dentist. For as little as £15, you can purchase various home bleaching kits across the counter that leave a very high standard of finish. Of course, if you don’t trust yourself enough, there’s always the dentist. There are laser treatments such as ZOOM that can be done in one sitting or if you still prefer a home treatment, your dentist can measure you up for the 14 day Enlighten treatment that bleaches your teeth while you sleep! So come on, get your teeth whitened, get the job you’ve always lusted after and meet the person of your dreams!