20 Nov

Zoom! Teeth whitening the city of London

Unsightly, stained teeth can often prevent us from smiling, leading to low self-esteem and confidence and as many times our teeth are brushed, it will not remove those deep entrenched stains. But according a city of London dentist, you would be well advised to recapture that clean and healthy smile by trying a new teeth whitening technique called Zoom!, made popular by makeover TV shows. Before starting the treatment, a consultation with a dentist is required to check for signs of gum disease, which must be treated before any whitening can take place. Once given the all-clear, the procedure can begin. Your gums and lips will be protected by a heat and bleach resistant cover to prevent damage, before applying the gel. Then as the lamp is activated, it heats the gel and starts the bleaching process, dissolving the stains as it goes. The beauty of Zoom! treatment is that it is very quick; three sessions in a dinner hour and the affects are immediate. It can also be used on crowns, veneers and dentures. In some cases, further treatments may be required for heavy staining in conjunction with home bleaching sessions.