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Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding Offer!

Cosmetic Composite Bonding From £175 per tooth/unit

Free consultation.

This special offer ONLY applies to multiple units smile makeovers and Not Emergency cases.
Appointments are not immediate and booked in advance.
This offer also applies ONLY to patients booked with DR Ana Rosa Bosco Izidoro.
Dr Ana Rosa Izidoro has over 35 years experience on composite veneers and bonding.

The condition of our teeth affects the way we smile, how we look and how confident we feel. Broken and chipped teeth can impact our bite and tooth alignment, which can affect simple tasks such as eating and speaking.

Cosmetic dentistry is aimed at restoring teeth, correcting tooth alignment and reshaping teeth into their healthy, white and symmetrical position. Anyone can have composite bonding to re-sculpt the contours of their teeth, build tooth structure and mask unsightly discolouration or staining.

Where once only celebrities could have such effective care, now anyone can have this refining treatment at an affordable cost.

How do Cosmetic Dentists apply Composite Bonding?

Cosmetic dentists are qualified and experienced in using composite substances like resin and ceramic to restore and enhance damaged smiles. Dental bonding includes procedures for reshaping teeth, aligning teeth, filling cavities, closing gaps between teeth, replacing metal fillings with white composite fillings and even straightening teeth.

How are Cavities and Gaps Filled with White Composite?

Composite bonding is an affordable and popular cosmetic dentistry technique, perfect for the treatment of a whole range of problems. Once the teeth are cleaned and free of any tartar, plaque build-up and decay, white composite resin and filler are placed into the gap or cavity to restore the tooth's strength and appearance.

Composite bonding materials are designed to match your own tooth shade, so that it blends in with the natural tooth. The white composite material is easily moulded into any shape and after it is bonded to the natural tooth it reinforces the tooth structure.

Where metal fillings are easily noticed when smiling or talking, and pose a toxicity risk if they contain mercury, composite fillings are a healthier and more attractive alternative for a beautiful smile.

Is Composite Bonding Suitable for all Teeth Conditions?

Composite bonding is a safe and flexible cosmetic dentistry treatment available for all. People with deep teeth cavities and holes can take advantage of composite bonding techniques, which restore and protect the tooth from further damage and infection.

Advanced technologies, such as CAD/CAM CEREC, enable clinicians to produce durable and aesthetically pleasing composite ceramic fillings. Depending on your oral condition treatment time can be reduced to as little as an hour, without affecting the quality of the work and results provided.

What is involved in Composite Bonding Treatment?

A local anaesthetic is administered to the gum tissue surrounding the treatment site of the tooth or teeth with a fine needle. The teeth are then cleaned to ensure the tooth surface is free of tartar and plaque, and if necessary tooth decay and infection are treated first.

Patients are involved in the composite bonding process and will help choose the shape and colour of their dental restoration. Clinicians first match the tooth colour and dental composite to your own tooth shade, in order for the composite to blend in with the rest of your smile.

After a phosphoric acid gel is applied to the tooth surface for gentle etching, the composite is applied and moulded into shape and then cured with an activation-light for secure bonding. Neatly sculpted the dental composite sets and becomes part of the tooth structure. The teeth are then polished and buffed for a smooth and white, natural finish.

Are there Risks involved in Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is not considered as strong as metal amalgam fillings. However, the risk of mercury-toxicity is eliminated, as there is no mercury in composite materials. Composite may stain or discolour if you continue with lifestyle habits that cause tooth discolouration and staining, such as drinking coffee and smoking.

How do I find out more about Composite Bonding?

Get in touch with our clinic. Our friendly team are on hand to provide you with further information, and our team is highly experienced in cosmetic dentistry and composite bonding techniques.

Is Cosmetic Bonding Affordable?

We can provide demonstrations to show you how effective composite bonding is. We also provide transparent costs, so you know what to expect without the fear of hidden charges at the end of your treatment.

Prices for cosmetic dentistry treatments depend on the care needed and the type of treatment provided. We have flexible payment options that can help make cosmetic dentistry treatment affordable.

Composite bonding information for further reading.

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