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MAC Veneers

Created in the MAC MicroDental Laboratories in Canada, California and Las Vegas, MAC Veneers are crafted to the highest standards of aesthetics and durability, using pressed ceramic porcelain. An ideal smile makeover innovation, MAC Veneers can create dramatic smile transformations while remaining completely stain-resistant, meaning you will have a gorgeous smile that lasts.

How do MAC Veneers differ from Porcelain Veneers?

Conventional feldspathic porcelain veneers are prone to chipping at the tips and are not as stain-resistant as MAC-crafted veneers. Expert technicians have harnessed the qualities of feldspathic porcelain veneers and improved them in the design of MAC Veneers.

Who constructs MAC Veneers?

MAC trained, skilled ceramists at MicroDental Laboratories have the artistic ability and technical knowledge to create MAC Veneers. Such high standards are able to enhance patients' natural beauty, often surpassing all expectations.

Who is best suited to MAC Veneers?

People who are self-conscious about their appearance or want a 'Hollywood Smile' are ideal candidates for MAC Veneers. Those with crowded, crooked, broken, misaligned teeth and gaps between teeth are also good candidates. MAC Veneers particularly mask discoloured and stained teeth, creating a fresh yet natural white smile.

MAC Veneers can enhance the appearance of teeth, removing tooth gaps and misalignment for a symmetrical look that is healthy and aesthetically pleasing. There is no need for prolonged orthodontic treatment.

What is involved in MAC Veneers treatment?

During an initial consultation the dentist will assess your particular needs and requirements, discussing cosmetic and dental options per your oral health and facial dimensions. With this in mind patients are provided with choices designed to enhance their appearance and smile.

An impression is taken of your oral and facial dimensions and photographs are taken of your smile. You will personally be involved in the design of your smile, with your input helping to create a model-representation of what you can expect from MAC Veneers treatment.

Should you wish to proceed the specifications are sent to a MAC Laboratory so that your MAC Veneers are able to be solely created for you. In the interim the teeth are prepared and you are provided with a set of temporary veneers.

Within a four week period your custom-made MAC Veneers arrive and the temporary veneers removed. After this the dentist will securely bond the bespoke MAC Veneers to your teeth. In no time at all you will have a life-altering smile that makes you feel good, enhances self-esteem and improves overall interactions with others.

Are MAC Veneers affordable?

Flexible payment options are available for patients to best meet their financial needs. Many of the cosmetic dental treatments available at Baker Street Dental Clinic become more affordable by means of the finance options we have available.

How durable are MAC Veneers?

Patients that follow the dentist's advice and manufacturer guidelines in caring for MAC Veneers can expect to have them for approximately ten years. To find out more about this form of cosmetic treatment, please get in touch with us.

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