Cheek enhancement with fillers

Fillers are a very popular anti-ageing treatment, which can be used to roll back the years and create a more youthful aesthetic. If you’ve noticed that your skin has started to sag, or you’re worried about lines or wrinkles, we can use the latest filler treatments to add volume to the skin and create a softer, smoother complexion. Using fillers for cheek enhancement, we can also define your cheekbones and bring out your beautiful, natural features.

Cheek enhancement with fillers

One of the most common reasons people undergo filler treatment is to enhance the cheeks. As you get older, and your collagen and elastin stores deteriorate, the skin around your cheekbones can start to sag, and this can make you look older. Fillers are an effective, non-invasive means of adding youthful plumpness to the cheeks and defining and enhancing the cheekbones. Strong cheekbones have long been a symbol of beauty and youth, and with fillers, you don’t have to undergo surgery to enjoy amazing results.

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Dermal fillers are an increasingly popular form of anti-ageing treatment. Fillers are used to combat the effects of the natural ageing process, which results in the loss of collagen and elastin. These valuable substances give the skin its firmness, bounce, and elasticity. When you get older, your natural stores of collagen and elastin become depleted, and this can cause a lack of firmness that facilitates the development of lines, folds, and wrinkles. When collagen is lost, the skin can also start to look baggy.

Fillers are injectable substances, which are designed to turn back time and create younger-looking, more vibrant skin. They work by adding volume and fullness to the skin, and they can also be used to define the facial features.

The treatment process is simple and swift. Before you have filler treatment, the procedure will be carefully planned to address problem areas and achieve the desired results. On the day of treatment, a needle with an ultra-fine point will be used to gently inject the filler into the cheeks and the fluid will be spread evenly to ensure a beautiful, natural look. Treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes, and you should start to notice a difference within a couple of days. The procedure is not painful, but some patients feel more comfortable having a mild anaesthetic before the injections. If you’re anxious or nervous, don’t hesitate to ask questions or talk to us. We’ll do all we can to put your mind at ease, and ensure the process is as painless and hassle-free as possible.

After filler treatment, you can expect your cheeks to look slightly fuller and your cheekbones to look more prominent, and hopefully, you’ll feel more attractive, more confident and more youthful. The results of treatment will last around 6-9 months.

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