Lumineers In London

CERINATE’s LUMINEERS are a pain free, long-term cosmetic solution for blemished, chipped, stained, or crooked teeth.

CERINATE’s LUMINEERS are porcelain veneers that are wafer-thin, just like contact lenses and are fixed over the original teeth without necessitating the reduction of vulnerable tooth structure (not like traditional veneers).

LUMINEERS, fabricated from patented Cerinate Porcelain, has been clinically attested as the sole porcelain veneer to survive for more than twenty years. Negligible or no decrease of the vulnerable tooth structure is needed and hence no anesthesia is required

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£600 - £695 per veneer/unit*

Cerinate porcelain is so tough that LUMINEERS’ made from it can be wafer-thin just like contact lensesPatients are provided with immediate cosmetic dental treatments

CERINATE’s LUMINEERS lasts for more than twenty years as recent clinical studies reveal

CERINATE’s LUMINEERS is extremely flexible and can be put over the current restorations, as well as crowns

CERINATE’s LUMINEERS produces long-term whitening and there is no yellowing or blemishing

CERINATE’s LUMINEERS immediately fortify, elongate and contour teeth
With Cerinate, dentists have a wider range of treatment choices
Patients as well as dental clinics gain from the use of Cerinate

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