Same Day Implants

Dental implants have become a popular means of replacing teeth, and they offer incredible long-term benefits for patients of all ages who have lost natural teeth. There are several options available to patients who are interested in dental implants, and one that may appeal to you if you have a large number of missing teeth is same-day implants. This is a rapid solution for patients who dream of a dramatic transformation and it can offer a fabulous alternative to traditional implants and dentures.

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Same-day implants are also known as same-day teeth. As you have probably gathered from the name, this is a treatment option that produces results in a single day. Typically, when you have implant treatment, it takes several months because it takes time for the implant to settle into the bone tissue through a natural process called osseointegration. With same-day implants, the implants and the new teeth can be placed on the same day, eradicating the wait time, and giving you the opportunity to start benefiting from your new smile immediately.

One of the most popular same-day implant treatments on the market is Nobel Biocare’s All-on-4 system. All-on-4 is a unique implant therapy, which utilises a set of just four implants to support a full arch of new teeth. Traditionally, between 6 and 10 dental implants are required for a complete denture. All-on-4 is able to reduce the number of implants needed by taking advantage of the optimal sites in the jaw bone. The two front implants sit at 90-degrees as normal, but the rear implants are placed at a 45-degree angle, which is designed to maximise stability and strength.

Dental implants offer a whole host of benefits for people who have lost a number of their natural teeth, or all of their teeth. Implants are the most lifelike restoration option, and they are famed for creating stunning smiles. They also produce long-lasting results and enhance functionality to a point that rivals healthy, strong natural teeth. In addition to these advantages, same-day implants also offer:

  • Instant results: with same-day implants, there’s no waiting around to enjoy the results of treatment. You don’t have to count down the days and wait for months to see your new smile or start eating whatever you like. After just one day, you’ll see the outcome of a formidable transformation.
  • Improved oral health: the sooner you replace lost teeth, the better. With same-day implants, you can enjoy better oral health and improved oral function straight away.
  • Increased confidence: nothing makes you feel more confident than being happy when you see your smile in the mirror, particularly if you’ve been self-conscious about missing teeth in the past. With same-day implants, you can enjoy your new smile after just a few hours in the dental chair.

Missing teeth can pose problems for a number of reasons, and this is why we strongly recommend considering tooth replacement options like dentures, dental bridges and implant treatment. There are several reasons why it’s beneficial to replace lost teeth, including:

  • Beautiful smiles and enhanced facial aesthetics
  • Improved self-confidence
  • The ability to eat a wide range of foods and improved nutrition
  • Clear speech
  • Better oral health

If you have missing teeth, and you’re looking for advice about treatment options, our experienced dental team will be happy to help.

If you have lost a number of your teeth or you have full arches that need replacing, you’re looking for a long-term solution, and you don’t want to wait around, same-day implants may be an ideal option for you.

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