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Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth is a cosmetic dentistry treatment completed within a day. It is also called All-on-4, Teeth in a Day and Same Day Smiles because four dental implants are used as a base onto which a full arch acrylic bridge is fixed to serve as replacement teeth in one day.

What is the idea behind Same Day Teeth?

Same Day Teeth or All-on-4 dental implant treatment is a cosmetic dentistry solution engineered by Nobel Biocare. The missing teeth solution is different from other implant treatments, as it maximises jaw bone capacity for enhanced osseointegration or bone fusion, which speeds up oral rehabilitation and healing. Patients receive a set of healthy, natural looking teeth within the same day of treatment, with no need for bone grafting or sinus lift surgeries that require more treatment time and recovery.

How is Same Day Teeth an effective solution for missing teeth?

People suffering with tooth trauma or missing teeth often experience reduced confidence in their appearance and may be self-conscious when smiling or revealing their teeth. Teeth can be lost through tooth decay, infection, oral disease and injury. Leaving damaged teeth or missing teeth untreated can lead to ill health and affect facial symmetry and expression, as the gap leaves an imbalance in teeth alignment.

For improved oral and overall health, and enhanced self-esteem, patients can choose Same Day Teeth to restore their smiles. The All-on-4 dental implant system may be used to attach dental bridges and crowns immediately for a radiant smile within a day. The reason why Nobel Biocare pioneered this innovation in implantology is to provide people suffering from missing teeth with immediate, beautiful and confident smiles.

Patients receiving All-on-4 dental implants are able to eat and speak as normal within the same day of treatment. Same Day Teeth provide greater stability than traditional dentures, which are known to slip and slide in the mouth making eating and speaking a challenge. Even patients with low bone mass concentrations can benefit from All-on-4, without needing to have costly and intensive bone graft or sinus lift surgery. Healing time and comfort with All-on-4 is faster and allows patients to benefit without having to wait and endure drawn-out treatment.

Assessment for Same Day Teeth suitability

A Same Day Teeth dental implant clinician will assess oral health and bone loss condition. During this assessment the patient’s medical and dental health is discussed to determine suitability for All-on-4 treatment.

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What is involved in the Same Day Teeth procedure?

There are several stages involved in the Same Day Teeth implant treatment, which are all completed within a day. These procedural stages include:


Diagnostic testing and measurement

Further diagnostic testing is done if the patient wishes to proceed with treatment. It includes a CT scan to correctly identify bone volume, mass and precise placement for dental implants. The capacity of the jaw bone is examined to determine reception of four dental implants.


Insertion of four dental implants

Preparatory treatment is performed where necessary, such as removal of infection and tooth extraction; this is not necessary in all cases. The gum will be selectively opened and up to four dental implants are then inserted into the prepared spaces left by missing teeth.


Fixture of a full arch acrylic bridge

Once the dental implants are secure the full arch acrylic bridge is constructed and fixed to the dental implants. This provides immediate dental stability. Patients receive assessment in the morning and depart by the afternoon, with a full set of functional and beautiful teeth.


Guidance for All-on-4 care

The clinician will provide the patient with guidance on how best to care for their All-on-4 teeth and maintain optimal oral health.

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