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Individuals all over the world choose Snap-On Smiles for their comfort, ease of use and facial enhancing qualities. A recent and innovative cosmetic dentistry treatment, Snap-On Smiles is custom-designed for people wanting to look their best.

Of particular value is that Snap-On Smile treatment requires no invasive or erosive tooth preparation, no bonding or fixture to oral tissue and tooth structures, and no injections. Made of durable yet flexible material, Snap-On Smiles do just that – they snap snugly over existing teeth for natural looking smiles.

Elegantly styled, Snap-On Smiles are removable, reversible and affordable. The palate and gum tissue is not covered allowing for unrestricted speech and enjoyment of meals. Snap-On Smiles may be used temporarily for special occasions or regular wear, with replacements available when necessary. If looked after Snap-On Smiles may last for years.

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Wearers benefit from healthy white looking teeth that enhance their smiles. A totally non-invasive cosmetic dentistry option, the appliance meets the needs of patients in the short and long term. People interested in having porcelain veneers often benefit from wearing Snap-On Smiles first to discover how their smile will be enhanced through treatment.

Some patients feel that comfortable with Snap-On Smiles that they opt to continue with them instead of having porcelain veneers. Others are set on having that celebrity-look and choose more permanent treatment for a beautiful smile.

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The Snap-On Smile is an innovative cosmetic dentistry device made for non-invasive smile enhancement. No dental injections, bonding, tooth preparation or drilling is required. Designed from flexible acetyl resin, Snap-On Smiles are custom-made to fit over existing teeth, not covering the palate or gum tissue.

Styled for comfort and ease in eating and speaking, Snap-On Smiles are made to fit properly without shifting with wear, because teeth structure provides the retention and stability. Snap-On Smiles are easily removed for oral hygiene practice and it is a completely reversible teeth whitening and smile enhancing treatment.

Acetyl resin is used to make Snap-On Smiles durable, comfortable, flexible and resistant to stains. They are crafted for elegance and at .5mm provide a durable option.

Snap-On Smiles are a personalised treatment that will be adapted to the colour, contour and thickness of each person’s unique oral dimensions. The acetyl resin material is versatile, non-toxic and durable for use in a range of applications, such as heart valve replacements and NASA aircraft cabinets.

Snap-On Smiles do not stain or discolour with food and beverage consumption, with individuals able to enjoy coffee, cups of tea and red wine. They are white and polished in appearance, and give individuals a fresh and youthful look.

The dentist encourages patients to trial different tooth shades and shapes for the Snap-On Smile, which will best suit their preferences. Snap-On Smiles come in a range of tooth shades and designs.

Snap-On Smiles may partially cover teeth or cover only a full upper or full lower arch of teeth. These devices are easily adapted to suit the needs of the patient, such as full teeth coverage of both the upper and lower arches.

Snap-On Smiles are versatile because of their non-invasive, reversible and affordable design. People desiring a smile makeover without any permanent tooth preparation or restoration often benefit from them.

They are custom-made in no time to meet patient needs for an aesthetically pleasing and self-designed look, providing patients with the appearance they are most comfortable with and a confident smile.

Snap-On Smiles are an alternative to other more permanent cosmetic dentistry or smile makeover treatments, including the likes of porcelain veneers. Some patients are not suited to veneers or permanent restorations, but find peace of mind in the benefits they receive from the Snap-On Smile option.

There are different reasons why people choose Snap-On Smiles and why dentists recommend the option. Some individuals have health conditions, such as cardiac disease or cancer, where their health status is not conducive to more invasive cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as dental implants and bridges. Snap-On Smiles provide a safe solution without any implications to the person’s health.

People who have financial concerns but want a beautiful smile with healthy, white teeth find Snap-On Smiles to be the most affordable choice of improving smile aesthetics. Those older in age often prefer or need less invasive cosmetic dentistry treatments for a smile makeover – and Snap-On Smiles are just the solution to meet their needs.

Those who suffer with dental phobia yet want to improve their teeth and smile can be happier having Snap-On Smile treatment because it involves no injections, bonding or drilling. Snap-On Smiles give nervous patients peace of mind as the solution is totally non-invasive.

Patients having dental implant treatment may benefit from using Snap-On Smiles as a form of temporary retainer. The Snap-On Smile acts as a type of splint for loose teeth. Dental implants are often provided as treatment to patients who have lost teeth or had teeth extracted due to periodontitis or gum disease.

Snap-On Smiles are a convenient, removable teeth enhancing solution, making oral hygiene maintenance easy for daily teeth brushing and flossing.

Snap-On Smiles are also recommended in cases where individuals have a gummy smile but would prefer not to have Laser Gum Reshaping treatment. They can also be worn as a guard where tooth grinding is a concern.

They are easily obtained through dental clinics. The cosmetic dentist will take a dental impression with imaging to custom-design the Snap-On Smile for the patient’s needs. The Snap-On Smile technician uses these patient-specific dimensions to create the personalised device. Within approximately 4 weeks or 28 days, the Snap-On Smile is ready to be put in place for the perfect smile makeover.

The clinician provides guidance for Snap-On Smile wear and care. Details are also provided on products that may be used to maintain the Snap-On Smile. Such products include a care kit, cleaning powder, anti-bacterial gel and a storage case.

The Care Kit is a total Snap-On Smile cleaning and maintenance package for looking after the Snap-On Smile device properly.

The Cleaning Powder may be used daily to remove any debris that accumulates on the appliance. The appliance is soaked within a solution of the powder and water for about 15 minutes before being rinsed for wear. A soft toothbrush may be used to aid in debris removal, such as that of food and plaque.

Placing the anti-bacterial gel within the Snap-On Smile tooth spaces prevents bacterial build-up on the device and covered tooth surfaces. It also freshens the mouth and breath, being an ideal choice after eating.

The Storage or Carry Case protects the Snap-On Smile device when not worn or transported, so that the device is safe and not at risk of damage. Certain Snap-On Smile Storage Cases have in-built mirrors.

To safely take the Snap-On Smile device out of the mouth, use both hands and gently move the device from side to side without squeezing the device. Do this when rinsing the appliance after eating and for cleaning. Apply some of the gel to the Snap-On Smile tooth spaces and then insert the device into the mouth for a clean and fresh smile experience.

To remove any plaque or food film attached to the device, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and only the Snap-On Smile powder-water solution for cleaning. Do not use toothpaste as it will alter the surface and shine of the device.

A half-cup of powder mixed in a half-cup of cool water is usually sufficient for a 15 minute soak to clean the device. The device should then be rinsed under cool flowing water. If not worn keep the Snap-On Smile stored in its special storage or carrying case.

Patients choose the Snap-On Smile because they can consume any foods of their choice. Initially, it is advisable to start with soft foods to get used to the device for eating and then move on to harder foods.

When first worn the individual needs to adapt to Snap-On Smile wear. A number of patients adapt fast and others need to practice verbal exercises for faster adjustment. Speech may only be temporarily affected until the mouth gets used to the device. Pronunciation and communication is then improved.

With good care and recommended maintenance the device may last a year or more. Snap-On Smiles are similar in durability to other dental prosthetic devices, such as bruxism guards and dentures.

When worn as a mouth guard at night it is an ideal solution to prevent teeth grinding. Other teeth restorations, such as porcelain veneers, are protected from excessive wear when the Snap-On Smile is worn by individuals who grind their teeth at day and/or night.

The dentist may recommend removing the device during sleep if teeth grinding is not an issue. This is to rest the mouth and ensure good oral hygiene. Dentists assess each person on a case-by-case basis when providing such advice.

Not at all. It is elegant and custom-designed in dimension to suit the natural shape, shade and contours of an individual’s dental structure. Although the Snap-On Smile is felt during wear it is only.5mm thin, durable and the teeth will look absolutely normal in appearance. The device can be up to 1mm to suit an individual’s oral contours for comfort and best results.

The Snap-On Smile is not a permanent prosthetic device but is made to snap over existing teeth. The existing teeth structure provides stable retention during wear.

Snap-On Smiles are designed for day wear and may also be worn during sleep, when recommended by a dentist to do so. This may be the case if teeth grinding is present. It is otherwise advisable to rest the mouth and remove the device when going to sleep.

The device will not break if cared for and may last a year or more. The resin material used to make the device is strong. However, it is still advisable to remove the appliance with both hands for cleaning and storage. Storing the device in its proper Snap-On Smile Carry Case ensures it is safe from damage.

Snap-On Smiles are resistant up to 200° and it is quite safe to drink hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

They are largely resistant to stains and individuals can enjoy a versatile diet. Snap-On Smiles are made of non-toxic and hypo-allergenic resin that is strong and non-absorbing. This means that the device is not easily discoloured, though use of regular toothpaste to clean the device may dull the surface. It is best to use the recommended cleaning products and methods to maintain the Snap-On Smile.

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