31 Oct

5 Tooth Friendly Halloween Treats to Avoid a Dental Trick

shutterstock_695451109It’s that time of year again when supermarket shelves are filled with bags of sweets and other treats in preparation for knocks at the door on the 31st October. Trick or treating may be a tradition and there’s nothing wrong with having a couple of sweeties, but we tend to go overboard at Halloween and indulge. If you’re throwing a party or you’re looking for tooth-friendly alternatives to chocolate and cakes, here are 5 foods that could help you steer clear of dental tricks:

  1. Dipped strawberry monsters: if you can’t imagine Halloween without chocolate, dipped strawberries shaped like monsters are a great compromise. You get a hint of chocolate and you can enjoy the benefits of eating fresh strawberries. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and they can also help to remove surface stains thanks to their rough surface.
  2. Pumpkin oranges: if you’re keen to embrace the spirit of Halloween without splurging on sugar, use your pumpkin carving skills to create devilish oranges and tangerines. Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C and they contain natural sugars, which are much better for you than added sugars found in sweets and biscuits.
  3. Banana ghosts: these are really easy to make and they should satisfy your sweet tooth. All you need to do is cut the banana in half and stand the bananas on a plate. Add raisins to make eyes and a mouth.
  4. Ghoulish green smoothies: smoothies can be a really healthy choice provided that you know exactly what’s in them. It’s always best to make smoothies at home, as the products you buy in shops and cafes often contain a lot of sugar. To make green smoothies, a perfect drink for Halloween guests, combine apples, kiwis, lime and kale and add a twist of lemon juice.
  5. Mushroom skull pops: you’ve probably seen cake pops and this is a great idea for an easy, quick Halloween treat. Place a button mushroom on a skewer and use a knife to hollow out two eye sockets and create a few teeth to turn your mushroom into a spooky skull.