Green dentistry

Green Dentistry

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Baker Street Dental Group approach to green dentistry is a high-tech approach, utilizing advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This, in turn, reduces the environmental impact of all our dental clinics and encompasses a service model that supports and maintains wellness.

At Baker Street Dental, we care about the world we live in and the one we’ll leave for generations to come. To ensure that our work has a positive impact in every aspect, we’ve taken many precautionary measures and continuously strive to improve our Green Dentistry initiatives.

Baker Street Dental's eco-friendly approach


Minimal Carbon Emissions

To ensure minimal carbon emissions, we continuously improve the tools and equipment we work with, optimise electricity usage, and promote dental self-care ensuring better oral health for our patients.


Paperless Clinics

By digitalising our processes and supplying all clinics with computers and tablets, we have managed to reduce the use of paper significantly, and aim to have completely paperless clinics by 2022.


Recyclable Supplies

Where applicable, all Baker Street Dental clinics use recycled materials. To further reduce our waste footprint, we recycle our general trash and aim to use re-usable supplies.


Purified Water

For all of our dental needs, we use water purified by Reverse Osmosis Systems. The system’s mechanism utilises the water pressure to eliminate the use of electricity thus providing superb patient experience via an eco-friendly approach.


Power-Saving Electrical Systems

In addition to the no-electricity purification system, we use dental equipment requiring minimal electrical supply, as well as power-saving light bulbs across all clinics.


Digital Impressions

By using digital impressions equipment, we have reduced significantly the use of clinical impressions materials. This provides our patients with more pleasurable experience and helps us protect the environment.


Bulk Ordering

Operating four clinics throughout London, we order our supplies in bulk and try to ensure minimal transportation of items happens between practices. This helps us reduce traffic and air pollution in our beloved city.


Members of the Camden Climate Change Alliance

In our continuous efforts to improve our Green Dentistry initiatives, we have joined the Camden Climate Change Alliance to be always informed of the latest eco-friendly methods and exchange ideas with like-minded business owners and individuals.


Mercury Separating Machines

Mercury separating machines, operating in all of our clinics, function as filters and separate the mercury from amalgam fillings. This process allows the recycling and reusing of some of the materials. Furthermore, this process enables us to reduce the mercury discarded in the central water systems significantly.


Digital X-rays

It is estimated that digital X-ray systems significantly reduce the amount of radiation released to the environment when compared with conventional X-Ray Systems. Also, it is estimated that each dental clinic would prevent the disposal of around 200 litres of toxic dental X-ray fixer and more than 7,200 lead foils over five years. At Baker Street Dental, we use Digital X-Rays systems and radiography.


Digital Communication Systems

At Baker Street Dental, we use digital communication systems such as VoIP systems and Online Booking Software. This approach benefits the environment by reducing energy usage, travel, paper usage, and amount of chemical-laden wire to be buried underground. Digitalisation has also allowed us to streamline our services, maximising efficiency and hence improve the patient experience.


Mercury Free Dentistry

At Baker Street Dental we put the health of our patients first. To ensure we provide the best possible treatments we have completely seized the use of amalgam fillings which were recently found harmful to the health and the environment. All dental fillings provided in our 4 centrally located dental clinics consist of the finest composite available, securing supreme treatment and visually pleasing results.

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Virus and pollution free air

All of our clinics are equipped with Airvia Pro 150 air filters which ionise the air (diffuse the negative ions) and make it virus and pollution free, helping us secure the health of our patients. Airvia filters utilise the latest technologies for air sterilisation, including photocatalysis (breaking pollutants and other microorganisms in the air), as well as UV rays for maximum sterilisation. Combined with our exceptional hygiene standards, air purification guarantees you the most positive results from your treatment when you choose us.

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