Flexible Dentures

The option of flexible dentures is available as an alternative to traditional dentures. This type of denture is particularly suited to people with irregular-shaped mouths and patients who are not suitable for dental implants.

Custom-made with the latest technology, flexible dentures fit patients’ mouth shape by flexing naturally into teeth and gum contours. The adept design of flexible dentures eliminates the need for metal clasps when securing dentures in place. Patients benefit from natural looking teeth that are comfortable and deliver smile enhancement.

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People who are missing one or more teeth due to dental trauma, such as oral infection, disease or injury, may benefit from flexible dentures. Those with jaw bone structure that is too narrow for dental implants or can particularly benefit from the option of flexible dentures.

Dental clinicians try to preserve existing oral structure, while providing flexible and partial denture options for those with missing teeth. Leaving tooth gaps and not replacing missing teeth can cause bone shrinkage and loss, resulting in oral trauma and further tooth loss.

Tooth gaps can give the face a sunken look, affecting facial volume and expression. People with missing teeth can look older and lack confidence in their self-image. Denture options such as flexible dentures enable patients to enjoy normal oral activities with enhanced appearance. Flexible dentures protect facial structure for a beautiful smile.

People who wear dentures feel improved self-esteem and enjoy interactions with others for better quality of life.

Flexible dentures give patients many benefits and on a range of levels, due to their comfortable design and stable function. Patients do not experience oral irritation or pain, as can be the case with traditional dentures. Flexible dentures are reliable and do not shift in the mouth, providing patients with a custom-made secure fit.

Patients enjoy engaging in their daily activities, without concern over eating or speaking. Flexible dentures give peace of mind because they serve as normal teeth and look like gums and teeth. They do not contain unsightly metal clasps, which can irritate the mouth. Individuals benefit through preserved oral function, facial tone and appearance. Flexible dentures allow wearers to look their best and smile with confidence.

Manufactured in the shortest time due to their simple yet effective design, patients receive flexible dentures to suit their unique expression. Patients do not have to wait for a prolonged period of time. Flexible dentures adjust to the individual’s needs and are designed for perfect fit.

Designed from flexible, unbreakable resin, Valplast dentures match gum tissue colour and feel for a natural looking fit. Materials used in the design of Valplast dentures are biocompatible and thermoplastic for a natural effect. Patients benefit from secure and healthy dentures, which restore oral function with improved aesthetics.

Valplast dentures suit people searching for an alternative to dental implants and dental bridges. A more affordable option with cosmetic appeal, Valplast dentures are light to wear and sleek in overall design.

Certain people are not suited to these alternate teeth replacement options, because of mouth shape or bone quality and quantity. Valplast dentures can be a more suitable option. The clinician will assess the patient’s oral condition and provide recommendations on teeth replacement.

Individuals first attend an initial consultation where an evaluation is carried out on their oral health and suitability for dentures. Medical history, conditions and lifestyles are also considered, and patients are involved in discussion of their needs and care plan.

If Flexible or Valplast dentures are the right choice, an oral impression is made of the patient’s mouth to determine precise measurements and dimensions. The dentist provides patient specific specifications to a laboratory technician, who then creates the bespoke dentures.

he patient may be invited to the laboratory for adjustments. Placing the flexible dentures in hot water softens them for a gentle and comfortable fit. An appointment is made for the final fitting, once patients are confident in the feel of their new Flexible dentures.

A range of alternate teeth replacement options are available. These teeth replacement solutions can be removable, temporary or permanent. The clinician will assess patient compatibility for teeth replacement treatments and provide recommendations.

Alternatives to Flexible dentures include dental implants and dental bridges. Dental implants are the most secure fixture, with titanium posts designed as to be replacement tooth roots. A range of artificial teeth substitutes may be fixed to dental implants, for greater stability and aesthetics. The jaw bone fuses with the dental implant to ensure natural results.

Dental bridges are an artificial and functional tooth replacement option. Dental crowns or restorations may be fitted on either side of the tooth gap, so that the dental bridge can be fixed in place. Dental bridges become part of the existing tooth structure, for added strength in oral function and enhanced appearance.

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