Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a modern orthodontic alternative to traditional metal braces. Designed to be discreet and unseen by others, they str composed of brackets and archwires that are bonded behind the teeth to correct mild to severe tooth irregularities. Young persons and adults who have crooked, protruding, abnormally spaced or overcrowded teeth, as well as bite problems, can choose lingual braces to remedy their orthodontic problem.

Improvement on traditional braces

The designers of the brace have improved on traditional metal braces by creating an elegant system which is able to straighten misaligned teeth and correct improper bite while preserving facial and smile aesthetics. The self-ligating design of the brace provides improved oral movement and benefits mouth functionality.

With lingual braces, no one will ever know that you’re undergoing treatment, and your smile will soon shine at its full potential.

Lingual braces

Effective Design

With traditional braces often causing oral irritation, stigma, and (in some cases) poor oral health, patients have been looking for a discreet and more suitable alternative. Lingual braces come to the rescue. Designed to ease your journey as a patient, they are bonded entirely at the back of your teeth and benefit from a self-ligating design, meaning no elastics are required during treatment. These advanced features make lingual braces easier to maintain and ensure your facial aesthetics remain untouched while your teeth are gradually moving into place.

Lingual Braces’ cosmetic appeal means an individual attending special occasions and functions will not need to feel self-conscious or awkward. This is precisely why this type of treatment is often chosen by movie stars, TV personas, and other celebrities.

The special technology and techniques used to produce the bespoke brace mean that they are slightly more costly than conventional systems. As with any brace system, there is an adjustment period after the device is fitted, but any sensations of discomfort will quickly subside, and you can continue your journey to straighter teeth.

Adjusting to Lingual Braces

Wearing the brace may have some initial impact upon speech or word pronunciation. This occurs because the tongue is getting used to the brackets and archwire’s position. The slight speech alteration and adjustment time can range from one to two weeks.

Certain orthodontic conditions, particularly if mild, may suit other modern brace systems such as Invisalign or Incognito Lite. An orthodontist can advise you only after a full assessment. The diagnosis, the patient’s age and preferences are the key criteria in the type of brace system recommended.

Treatment time is not dissimilar to traditional brace systems and is based on the severity of the diagnosis. The total treatment duration can range between a few months to 3 years – all depending on the patient’s case, lifestyle, and requirements.

The cost of lingual braces will differ based on the type of system being used, the severity of the case, and the duration of treatment. During the consultation, the dentist will explain the benefits, risks and cost of treatment to ensure patients understand the treatment process.

Incognito Lite Braces

The Incognito Lite brace is a light design aimed at treating mild orthodontic conditions. Placed behind the teeth, the brackets allow patients to continue their activities without anyone knowing orthodontic treatment is happening. Treatment time may differ based on the particular case, but on average, it takes between 6 and 9 months.

The discreet, aesthetically-pleasing design of Incognito Lite means special events can be attended with no adverse effect on one’s confidence, the braces being concealed behind the teeth to ensure smile aesthetics is maintained.

The braces are similar to the other models of Lingual Brace in their custom-design, fitting and adjustment. Within two weeks, people tend to adjust to the attachments and oral health is promoted through elegant design.

Incognito Lite braces may not be suitable for all patients, particularly those with more severe orthodontic conditions.


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Incognito Lingual Braces

The brace is discreet and will be placed behind the teeth using connecting archwires teeth. It is specifically designed for individuals with speech impediments or difficulties eating, with teeth straightening results varying based on dental repositioning needs. The brace offers the same discreet, comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing standard of the conventional Lingual Brace system but with a lighter, more modern design.

It takes a week or two to adjust to wearing lingual braces, but initial sensations of discomfort will soon subside. The benefits of the brace are that it offers utmost discretion and provides a faster treatment time than standard lingual braces, with results becoming apparent within sixteen weeks or less.

The light design promotes better speech pronunciation and chewing ability. Invognito is also convenient to clean and oral hygiene is maintained with ease.


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