Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are temporary dentures used by patients who have experienced dental treatment for missing teeth on either or both the upper and lower jaw. After teeth are extracted or lost, the tooth pockets and gums need time to heal.

Temporary immediate dentures allow patients to continue having a full set of replacement teeth while their gum tissue heals, ready for their permanent dentures. Patients may receive their temporary dentures on the same day as their dental treatment, such as tooth extraction.

Our clinic provides a range of permanent dentures for patients to choose from while wearing temporary immediate dentures. We offer patients options for improved oral function and appearance. Dentures allow patients to experience normal dental structure that preserves their natural beauty and smile.

Temporary immediate dentures offer natural aesthetic appeal and a comfortable fit because they are made from the unique impression of an individual’s mouth. The gum healing phase, when immediate dentures are worn, gives patients time to get used to wearing dentures and provide feedback for their bespoke permanent denture design.

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The dental clinician evaluates an individual’s oral health and assesses suitability for denture wear. Should an individual be a good candidate for immediate dentures, the clinician discusses the process, benefits, risks and costs.

Once individuals consent dental treatment commences, and where needed, remaining damaged teeth are extracted. The gum tissue is treated to ensure there is no infection present. An impression is then made of the individual’s mouth.

Temporary immediate dentures are created from these impression dimensions in a dental laboratory by qualified denture technicians while patients recover from treatment. In some cases, with smaller temporary immediate dentures, patients may choose to return for a second appointment for their convenience. Custom-made immediate dentures may be immediately available for patients to make sure they do not have to go without teeth.

Due to advancements in dentistry technology and techniques, impressions provide highly accurate personal measurements for making of immediate dentures. Smaller temporary dentures usually replace between one to three teeth and are ready within a couple of hours. Long-span immediate dentures that replace more teeth require bite registration for making of precise temporary, and permanent dentures within a two to three day period.

The temporary immediate denture, if small, is fitted on the same day, and if long-span, is fitted at a follow-up appointment. Adjustments are made at the clinic as needed and we monitor patient experience for increased compatibility, fit and comfort.

When teeth are extracted or missing, the gums and bone naturally shrink over time, changing oral contours. These changes happen within a six to twelve month period, meaning immediate dentures need replacing because they may no longer fit a patient’s mouth properly. Ill-fitting dentures may cause oral trauma and discomfort, so having dentures relined is important for better oral health and comfort.

Patients return to the clinic for the denture relining procedure, in which the dentures are remodelled to adjust to changes in gum and bone structure. Enhanced dentures provide patients with a snug and comfortable fit, and in some cases, patients opt to keep their relined temporary dentures instead of getting permanent dentures.

The clinician monitors the gum healing process, and when gum tissue is sufficiently healed, the temporary immediate dentures may be replaced by an individual’s choice of permanent dentures. Permanent dentures are custom-made to give patients a beautiful smile.

For individuals who have missing teeth or who have experienced tooth extraction, immediate dentures provide a range of benefits that include the opportunity to have a full set of teeth without delay. Immediate dentures allow patients to experience a fast return to normal oral function, such as for eating and speaking.

Wearers benefit from an aesthetically pleasing teeth replacement solution, which restores oral structures for natural facial expression. Temporary immediate dentures help to preserve unique facial volume and wearers can smile with confidence.

Same-day dentures allow patients time to get used to the experience of wearing dentures and provide dentists with feedback to enhance denture function and comfort. Temporary immediate dentures protect the recovering gums and support individual dental structure, for continued normal life activities while gums heal.

Alternatives to immediate dentures include permanent dentures and other denture options, such as flexible dentures. Dentures are removable teeth replacement solutions, unless fixed in place by dental implants.

Other fixed teeth replacement options include temporary bridges, which are smaller than immediate dentures and may be anchored by crowns, an oral frame or secured in place by dental implants for better retention.

Temporary dental bridges are not palate-covering and not removable like immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are more affordable then temporary bridges and do not require changes to nearby teeth, such as that needed to anchor a dental bridge in place.

Another alternate solution includes immediate dental implants. Dental implants are used as substitute tooth root fixtures onto which a range of prosthetic replacement teeth may attach, such as crowns, bridges and dentures. Patients choose dental implants for greater retention, stability and comfort.

Dentists do not recommend immediate dental implants where patients recently have experienced gum infection or oral disease. Once infection or disease is eradicated through root canal treatment and gums have healed, dental implants may thereafter be an option for patients to secure their dentures.

Denture clinicians recommend that patients do not remove their immediate dentures for at least 24 hours after fitting. During this period patients may experience some temporary gum bleeding, but this soon stops. Immediate dentures allow for gum healing during wear.

After this 24 hour period it is safe to remove immediate dentures for cleaning. Clinicians recommend immediate dentures are removed between four to five times each day for cleaning. We provide patients with guidelines on how best to clean their immediate dentures and gums. Following recommended oral hygiene maintenance ensures any blood from the healing gums and food debris from eating is removed.

Clean dentures, gums, tongue and mouth palate keeps infectious bacteria at bay and reduces the risk of infections while the gums heal. We encourage patients to attend follow-up appointments where we monitor gum recovery to ensure gums are healing properly and the mouth is free of infection.

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