Smile Design

We offer the latest innovations in Smile Design, which allow individuals to design their own smile. This is a smile to perfectly suit their teeth and facial appearance. Individuals in need of a gorgeous new set of teeth, or those with dental conditions affecting their confidence, may benefit from a Smile Design.

Our smile makeovers are bespoke to correct tooth symmetry and give teeth the natural white look for a fresh and stunning smile. Teeth that are stained or discoloured can easily be treated by our smile makeover solutions, for a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.

During an initial smile consultation we will discuss your personal needs and oral health condition. We listen, make appropriate recommendations and always involve individuals in their dental and cosmetic treatment options.

The dental and cosmetic smile makeover solutions we offer enable individuals to enhance their oral health, while also transforming their natural beauty and smile.

What is involved in Smile Design?

Each person has their own idea about the ‘perfect smile’ and will benefit greatly from our large range of cosmetic dental treatments. Porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and orthodontic braces can all be used to enhance your smile, depending on your needs and oral condition. Patients can also experience our “Trail Smile” to see how their smile would look after dental treatment.

A “Trial smile” enables patients to decide which result they wish to proceed with. Doing so means that individuals know what to expect from the cosmetic and dental smile makeover treatments, instead of being confronted by a surprise they may not be entirely happy with.

Our dental and cosmetic clinicians use their experience and expertise in making the right recommendations. Taking into consideration oral condition, jaw positioning, teeth structure, mouth shape and facial contours, we will find a dental solution to your dental problems.

A wide range of smile makeover and smile design options are available at Baker Street Dental Clinic. We aim to give patients choice so that they can select what they are most comfortable with, ensuring enhanced appearance and an improved quality of life.


The skill and artistic ability of the clinician are vital in achieving the best oral-facial proportions, which helps to avoid creating narrow or crowded smiles. Getting the balance right relies on qualified training, experience and expertise, which we are proud to offer at our clinic.

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The Designer Smile

The design of a unique and bespoke smile is much more than having straight, white teeth. Technicians and clinicians achieve accurate proportions and aesthetically pleasing smiles by:


Aligning the teeth horizontally with the eye line for oral-visual proportion.


Facial-centred symmetrical balance.


Curvature of the top teeth to the lower lip for a youthful smile line.


Streamlining the gum line with the upper lip line.


Defining teeth tips with embrasures.


Balancing tooth length-to-width ratio.

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