15 Sep
UK performs well in recent global dental health survey

The UK performed well in a recent global dental health survey, boasting the highest proportion of respondents with no known dental issues. An international oral health survey, which was carried out by Sunstar, revealed that 40% of Brits said they did not have any dental health problems. This was the…

08 Sep
Dentists issue warnings over DIY whitening kits

Dentists in Australia have issued warnings over the safety of using DIY tooth whitening kits.  Tooth whitening is one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic dental treatments in the world. While many patients go to their dentist to undergo professional whitening treatment, there has been a surge in the…

25 Aug
New report suggests oral health inequalities are getting worse

A new report compiled by Public Health England and researchers from University College London suggests that oral health inequalities are getting worse. The report indicates that there are significant gaps in access to oral care and standards of oral health in the UK, with children, people with disabilities, homeless people…

18 Aug
New study reveals almost half of adults experienced dental fear during the pandemic

A new study has revealed that almost half of adults experienced dental fear during the pandemic, with levels significantly higher among females. Researchers assessed groups of males and females in quarantine using the Dental Fear Survey (DFS) and the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale (MDAS). They found that 45.7% of adults…

04 Aug
What does your mouth reveal about your general health?

Most people are aware that oral symptoms and changes in the mouth can be symptomatic of gum disease and decay but there are many other possible reasons for abnormalities and signs, including white patches and swollen gums.  TV dentist, Dr Hanna Kinsella, has shared advice for patients with questions about…

28 Jul
Mo the lioness undergoes three-hour dental operation in Suffolk

Mo, an 18-year-old lioness, has undergone a three-hour dental operation in Suffolk.  The lioness, who lives at Africa Alive in Kessingland, Suffolk, needed root canal therapy to save two of her canine teeth.  Staff at the zoo said that it isn’t always easy to spot dental problems in lions but…


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