13 Feb
New figures reveal 26% increase in cases of illegal tooth whitening

New figures from the General Dental Council show a 26% increase in the number of reports of illegal tooth whitening in 2019. The GDC has clamped down on the provision of illegal whitening treatments, but reports suggest that this is an industry that is still rife. Tooth whitening is a…

05 Feb
Expectant mum uses vlogs to share her experience of pregnancy dental dilemmas

A pregnant woman has been praised for sharing her experiences of dental dilemmas with the world via a series of candid vlogs. Many people are aware of morning sickness, back pain, tiredness and swollen ankles, but the risk of dental issues, most notably bleeding and swollen gums, is a less…

29 Jan
Love Island sparks increase in online searches for veneers and dental treatment overseas

The new series of Love Island has contributed to a sharp rise in the number of online searches for cosmetic dental treatments and dental clinics overseas. Coffee bean entrepreneur, Connor is perhaps the most notable contestant in terms of his influence on Internet searches. During the first couple of episodes,…

23 Jan
Health campaigners call for tax on sugar-laden alcoholic pre-mixed drinks

Health campaigners are calling for elevated tax rates to be applied to sugary pre-mixed alcoholic drinks.  Action on Sugar representatives believe that people are consuming more sugar than they realise as a result of buying drinks like pre-mixed cocktails and canned spirits and mixers. A team based at Queen Mary…

20 Dec
Scientists develop spit test to diagnose oral cancer caused by HPV

Scientists have developed a simple spit test, which could help to diagnose cases of mouth and throat cancer caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).  A new study suggests that the test could save thousands of lives every year. Oral cancer is a form of cancer that has become more…

13 Nov
The Keto diet doesn’t hold the key to healthy teeth, dentists warn

Popular with celebrities and social influencers, the keto diet is enjoying a moment in the spotlight, but dentists have warned that it might not be as saintly as it seems when it comes to dental health. The keto diet, which is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, has previously been…


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