Dental Veneers

Veneers more or less work on the same principle as putting on fake fingernails. Now veneers are laboratory-fabricated specially made facings that are mechanically fused to the surface of the tooth. Veneers offer fabulous visual appeal since the lab can really include features like added opacity and distinctive stains and shades that permit a very close match to your natural tooth structure.

Amongst the most fascinating cosmetic dentistry procedures at present is that on the etched enamel surface of your tooth is attached a thin porcelain veneer. The chief benefits are the material’s attractiveness, sturdiness and suppleness. Since porcelain is stain free unlike composite resin, its appeal lasts longer. What’s more, gum tissue accepts porcelain quite well, hence lessening the chances of the development of gum-related problems.

Dental veneers, if properly made, can be made use of to provide a more level look to crammed teeth, seal spaces and gaps, conceal discolored tooth as well as fillings and in general, give you a lovely sparkling smile.

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Two kinds of veneers can be employed:

  1. Laboratory made – two appointments.
  2. Chair-side – one appointment.

The Baker Street Dental Center in London offers both.

From composite-tooth shaded resin fillings, we make chair-side veneers. These can be made use of to exhibit to patients how they would ultimately look using laboratory veneers. Moreover, it can be employed to treat solitary or manifold teeth in cases wherein the patient desires nominal alteration that can be done instantly in just one visit, with the choice of a reversal of procedure later on.

To facilitate obtaining the intended visual appeal and balance, expert skills, experience and extreme meticulousness is needed. A unique composite resin is the material employed and when compared to what is used in fillings, it permits the reflection, refraction and absorption of natural light right through it down to the tooth lying beneath, so as to provide and keep the natural visual appeal of the anterior teeth.

The teeth’s macro as well as micro structural features and any distinctive stains are included in the finish.

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