Durathin Veneers

Patients who feel self-conscious about the look of their teeth may benefit from Durathin Veneers. This is an innovative option in cosmetic design which helps patients to achieve a celebrity smile that involves only the minimal amount of tooth preparation.

Durathin Veneers are durable and thin, able to create amazing, long-lasting results. Applying Durathin Veneers is completely pain-free and within a short period of time individuals can have a beautiful smile and an instant boost to their confidence.

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Durathin Veneers are ultra-thin yet strong, which allows for secure bonding without the necessity of invasive tooth etching required by other veneers. Durathin Veneers are expertly crafted and appear natural, while being able to improve and enhance the appearance of your smile.

This type of veneers require only the minimal amount of tooth preparation, meaning that the natural tooth surface is preserved and then further protected once the veneers have been bonded. Should Durathin Veneers be removed from the tooth surface after a period of time, the underlying tooth enamel and structure will retain its natural quality and appearance.

There is no discomfort with any Durathin Veneer procedures. Patients who experience dental phobia can have peace of mind when receiving smile makeover treatment with Durathin Veneers.

Individuals with misshaped, misaligned or small-sized teeth are good candidates for Durathin Veneers, if alternative orthodontic treatments are not more appropriate. The choice between Durathin Veneers and orthodontic care to correct bite and tooth misalignment will be decided based on the dentist’s diagnosis and assessment.

Durathin Veneers are an ideal treatment to close irregular gaps between teeth and to mask discoloured, stained or worn teeth. They give teeth what is a natural and balanced appearance when smiling. In some cases teeth whitening may also be an option before bonding the Durathin Veneers, so that all teeth are the same shade.

This type of veneer is crafted by the finest technicians to achieve the best aesthetic results. They change how an individual looks and feels about themselves, instantly improving self-confidence.

During an initial appointment to discuss your cosmetic and dental needs, this is the time to explore your expectations and examine what treatments may be most suitable.

If Durathin Veneers are decided to be the right option for your dental prescription, an assessment will be taken of your oral and facial contours. This is done using impressions, X-rays and photographs. These measurements are then used to create a trial smile for you, so that you can see what your new smile will appear like before the veneers are permanently fitted.

Each step of the way you are involved in the treatment process. In order to proceed with Durathin Veneers, the dentist will make sure that your gums and teeth are healthy. Following this the dentist will create moulds to be used in the development of your personalised Durathin Veneers. Once you have chosen the design and colour, the specifications are sent off to the Durathin Veneer Laboratory where they are made specifically for you.

In the meantime temporary veneers are fitted to your tooth’s surface, until your own Durathin Veneers are ready. There is usually a 3 to 4 week turnaround time before your Durathin Veneers arrive. When they arrive the veneers will be bonded to your tooth surface using dental resin and any necessary adjustments can be performed. On leaving the clinic you will have a smile to be proud of and a greater sense of attractiveness, confidence and pride in your appearance.

Durathin Veneers are designed to be ultra-thin, sleek and strong. Other types of veneers are usually thicker in design and patients have bulkier-feeling teeth. Other veneers also require a lot of preparation etching, which can permanently damage the natural teeth underneath. Durathin Veneers are incredibly thin and only require the smallest amount of tooth preparation, so that teeth not only look and feel natural within the patient’s mouth, but the natural teeth underneath are unharmed.

Made through a layered technique rather than through the use of pressed ceramics, Durathin Veneers are particularly suited to masking discoloured and stained teeth. A natural looking smile will always be maintained.

We pride ourselves on offering patients a broad variety of dental and cosmetic treatments for smile makeovers. This is to ensure that we not only enhance patients’ smiles but also life opportunities.

Lumineers are an alternative option to Durathin Veneers, which also require minimal tooth preparation. Although these veneers are similar, there are certain differences and a dental clinician can explain these to you.

Emax Porcelain Veneers similarly provide a stunning smile makeover for people desiring the celebrity look, able to enhance their appearance and confidence. If the patient is based in the UK they may even be able to visit the Emax Veneer Laboratory where custom-made veneers are created.

Each person’s dental health and cosmetic needs are different and require personal recommendations and choices. Our friendly team is on hand to answer questions and provide information about veneers, teeth straightening solutions and smile makeovers.

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